When Samantha and Norbert were baby Trolls their Grampa told them tales of lost treasures stashed on a mysterious far away island. That was long ago. Yesterday, while wind surfing, our teenage troll twins came upon an undiscovered and uncharted island filled with excitement, adventure and hidden treasure. Exploring the island they soon realized it was the same island their Grampa told them about when they were young. The twins passed through vine covered trees filled with multi-colored birds of every description. They were overwhelmed with the beauty of the island but they couldn't help thinking about the warning Grampa always told them: "If you ever come upon this magical island like I did when I was young - explore it with great care. there are many strange and dangerous creatures that make the island their home. Venemous snakes, giant flying insects, and huge slobbering jaws just to name a few. REMEMBER, ALWAYS BE CAREFUL!