Ghosts 'n Goblins
United States
Published by: Capcom, 1986 | Developed by: Capcom
Genre: Action | Licensed
Ghosts 'n Goblins is a platform game where the player controls a knight, named Arthur, who must defeat zombies, demons and other undead creatures in order to rescue a princess. Along the way the player can pick up new weapons, bonuses and extra suits (more...)
Ultra, 1991 - Adventure - Licensed
Pirates! is a single-player game. The player does not in fact take on the role of a pirate at the start of the game, but rather that of a privateer, in the service of Spain, The Netherlands, England, or France (though his loyalties may change over the cou (more...)
Nintendo, 1987 - Platform - Licensed
Metroid provided one of the first highly nonlinear game experiences on a home console. The basic gameplay is a mix of action adventure and platform shooter. The player begins with a very limited amount of power-ups, but must always use their ingenuity to (more...)
Tecmo Baseball
Tecmo, 1989 - Baseball - Licensed
There were three modes for the game; 1 player, 2 player, and watch. In addition to games between teams, there was also an all-star game with the best players in the game. The game has become very popular on college campuses.[citation needed] One of the ma (more...)
Baby Boomer
Color Dreams, 1989 - Light Gun - Unlicensed
Baby Boomer is an unlincensed 1989 action game created by Color Dreams for the NES. As a baby crawls across the screen toward numerous dangers, such as birds of prey or bottomless pits, the player uses his NES Zapper to shoot hazards before they hurt the (more...)
Koei, 1992 - Strategy - Licensed
6 magicians were liberated from the gem that imprisoned them. All of them choose a leader of the land of Isheria to control the world. You could select one of these leaders and try to accomplish your goals in GEMFIRE. 2D; turn-based strategy; use magic an (more...)
FCI, 1989 - Role Playing - Licensed
The game is notable for being one of the first ever console role-playing games (see the chronology of console role-playing games). The graphics and gameplay are extremely similar to and clearly heavily influenced by the blockbuster computer RPG of the tim (more...)
Felix the Cat
Hudson Soft, 1992 - Platform - Licensed
FELIX is off on this greatest adventure yet! He must rescue his girlfriend Kitty from his oldest adversary, the Professor. You see, the Professor has kidnapped her and demands Felix's Magic Bag of Tricks as the ransom! Now it's up to Felix to save (more...)
Skate Or Die 2: The Search for Double Trouble
Skate or Die 2: The Search for Double Trouble is a side scrolling game, though the player can retrace his steps and return to areas he has seen before. The hero has a variety of skateboarding moves and weapons at his disposal, the controls for which can b (more...)
Lode Runner
Broderbund, 1987 - Arcade - Licensed
The player controls a stick figure, collecting all the gold in the level, and avoiding robots trying to catch the player. The levels feature a multi-story brick platform motif, with ladders and hand-to-hand bars suspended in the air offering multiple ways (more...)
Battletoads and Double Dragon
Tradewest, 1993 - Action - Licensed
The game presents the characters from the famous series Double Dragon, Billy and Jimmy - two young martial arts experts. Also included are three humanoid toads from the Battletoads game. The characters, including enemies, are mostly from the Battletoads g (more...)
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