Jimmy Connors' Pro Tennis Tour
United States
Published by: UBI Soft, 1993 | Developed by: NMS Software
Genre: Sports, Other | Licensed
This is Ultimate Tennis. Jimmy Connors, ranked Number 1 for 159 weeks, holder of Eight Grand Slam titles and a record 109 singles titles-more than any other male player in history is the greatest tennis champion ever! Now YOU'RE Jimmy Connors, batting (more...)
Krion Conquest, The
Vic Tokai, 1991 - Platform - Licensed
In The Krion Conquest, you assume the role of a sorceress... More named Francesca as she attempts to drive away the Krions who have conquered Earth. Through all five rounds of the game (each with three stages), you'll use your six types of magic to de (more...)
Chunkout 2
Retrozone, 2008 - Puzzle - Homebrew
Classic tile deleting fun - can you get a Chunkout? Starting with a random layout of colored tiles, obliterate large chunks of the same color and shape to score big! By strategically removing smaller quantities of tiles you can create bigger and better sc (more...)
Little Ninja Brothers
Little Ninja Brothers was a game released by Culture Brain for the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1990. The original title of the game was Super Chinese 2. The plot follows two young ninja, Jack and Ryu, attempting to find out the mysterious reason for (more...)
Top Gun: The Second Mission
Konami, 1990 - Simulation - Licensed
So you think you're hot stuff because you single-handedly won the war for us in the Persian Gulf? Well, that's going to feel like it was child's play after you get a look at your next mission. In TOP GUN: The Second Mission, you'll be goin (more...)
Mutant Virus: Crisis in a Computer World
In THE MUTANT VIRUS, you play the part of Ron Trainer, the best of the best at the elite corps of Computer Master Debuggers. Now there is a problem in Central Programming Institute from where all the city computers are controlled and you have to solve it. (more...)
Dragon's Lair
Imagesoft, 1990 - Adventure - Licensed
Dragon's Lair led to the creation of numerous video games for home systems. Since some original sequences did not fit in the ports for those systems, they were re-released only in a virtual sequel called Escape from Singe's Castle; A non-linear ar (more...)
Swamp Thing
T*HQ, 1992 - Action - Licensed
Save the poisoned planet! The menace of Dr. Arcane knows no boundaries he has recessed his deadly mutation serous in to the atmosphere, where it will form all living things hen to veils un-Man! Only Swamp Thing has the power forestage the environment, Tra (more...)
Nintendo, 1990 - Adventure - Licensed
The story revolves around Mike Jones, a star pitcher from Seattle, who comes to C-Island to visit his uncle, an archaeologist named Dr. Steve Jones, after receiving a letter from him. Uniquely, this letter was actually packaged with the game and addressed (more...)
The goal in this game is simple: reach the bottom of the ski run before the time runs out. Avoid the snow lumps, snowmen, sledders and other skiiers to maintain maximum velocity! If you do hit a snow lump, press down on the D-Pad for bonus "freestyle (more...)
Shingen the Ruler
Hot B, 1990 - Strategy - Licensed
The game is set during the Sengoku period of Japan. The player is Takeda Shingen, who is based in the holding of Kai and Shinano. The goal of the game is to conquer central Japan, roughly spanning from Kyoto to Kamakura. With the exception of "Genera (more...)
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