Destination Earthstar
United States
Published by: Acclaim, 1990 | Developed by: Imagineering
Genre: Simulation | Licensed
Two centuries ago, an alien species known as the Kojans kidnapped the people of Earth and made them their slaves. But the Earthlings never gave hope of returning to their homeland. So they sent you, a brave space ship pilot, to travel through the galaxy i (more...)
Cosmic Wars
Konami, 1989 - Strategy - Licensed
Cosmic Wars is a turn-based strategy video game produced by Konami in 1989 which is based upon the characters and conflicts of the popular Gradius series. It was released only in Japan. The game received a sequel in 1997, with Paro Wars, which is the Paro (more...)
Taboo: The Sixth Sense
Upon loading, the game requires input of the player's name, birth date, and gender. The game then asks the user to input a question, and shuffles the cards. The game then generates a tarot reading via the Celtic cross layout. Afterward, the player cho (more...)
Mutant Virus: Crisis in a Computer World
In THE MUTANT VIRUS, you play the part of Ron Trainer, the best of the best at the elite corps of Computer Master Debuggers. Now there is a problem in Central Programming Institute from where all the city computers are controlled and you have to solve it. (more...)
Wayne Gretzky Hockey
T*HQ, 1991 - Sports, Other - Licensed
The first of three Wayne Gretzky games from Bethesda. It contains everything that could be find in a hockey rink from big hits and fighting to icings and offsides. It's not only about what is on the ice but also outside, offering the player plenty of (more...)
Contra Force
Konami, 1992 - Action - Licensed
Contra Force departs from many of the Contra gameplay conventions. The game is still a combination of over-head and side-scrolling shooting, but many changes have been made. There are four characters to choose from, each with his own arsenal of weapons. C (more...)
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: The Action Game (UBI Soft)
UBI Soft, 1993 - Action - Licensed
Relive the excitement found in the greatest Indy movie of all time! The search for the Holy Grail is on! Hitler must have the Grail to secure his domination of the world and is willing to do anything to get it! Indy's father, Dr. Jones Senior, was clo (more...)
Capcom, 1989 - Action - Licensed
The Striders are a global organization of infiltration specialists who work to combat villainy and keep the world safe. From their orbital space station, the Blue Dragon, they are able to quickly reach anywhere in the world. Hiryu is one of the top stride (more...)
Altered Beast
Asmik, 1990 - Action - Licensed
Altered Beast is a side scrolling action game that puts the player in control of a centurion who had died in battle. The centurion has been raised from the dead to rescue Zeus' daughter Athena from a Demon God called "Neff" in the Underworld (more...)
Alien Syndrome
Tengen, 1989 - Action - Unlicensed
One or two players control two soldiers named Ricky and Mary, who must fight their way through large eight-way scrolling levels rescuing their comrades who are being held by aliens. After they have rescued a certain number of hostages the exit opens and t (more...)
Formula One: Built to Win
SETA, 1991 - Racing - Licensed
Formula One: Born To Win is a career racing game. The player begins with a Mini Cooper and claws up the ranks of the racing circuit starting with the lowest ranked races in the eastern part of the United States. By winning races, the player can upgrade pa (more...)
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