United States
Published by: Hi-Tech Expressions, 1990 | Developed by: Software Toolworks
Genre: Puzzle | Licensed
Based on the computer game Beyond the Black Hole, Orb-3D is... More similar to a 3D, puzzle-enhanced version of Pong. Set in deep outer space, an evil space wizard by the name of Krohn is in control of a vast Black Hole that is expanding at a rapid rate. (more...)
Casino Kid II
Sofel, 1993 - Cards/Casino - Licensed
A mystery person has organized an International Gambling Competition. He or she wants to challenge the U.S. Champion, Casino Kid. Before Kid can play Mr. or Ms. X, he will have to travel through out the world and beat the best gamblers in the world. Play (more...)
Ninja Gaiden II: The Dark Sword of Chaos
Tecmo, 1990 - Action - Licensed
Ninja Gaiden II features the same beat 'em up gameplay as the original title, with some extra additions. In this episode, Ryu has the power to climb any wall by pressing Up or Down on the control pad. In the previous game, the player could only " (more...)
Nekketsu Kakuto Densetsu
Nekketsu Kakutō Densetsu (熱血格闘伝説, Nekketsu Fighting Legend) is a tournament-style fighting game from the popular Kunio-Kun series (the most famous US release from which was "River City Ransom"). Depending on the date of birth you en (more...)
Heavy Shreddin'
Get ready for the ride of your lifetime! With the HEAVY SHREDDIN' video game, you'll be traveling down slick, snow covered mountains on a single snowboard that's not much larger than a ski. To survive your runs, you'll have to master some (more...)
Circus Caper
Toho, 1990 - Platform - Licensed
The single-player, side-scrolling action game takes you through various levels, each with a circus theme, fighting various enemies and bosses until you finally defeat the ring master and save your sister. You start out in the game with little life, and fe (more...)
Snake Rattle and Roll
Nintendo, 1990 - Platform - Licensed
The game stars two snakes, Rattle and Roll, who must eat small, spherical creatures called Nibbley-Pibbleys as they climb a mountain in a "race to the moon". As the two snakes eat the Nibbley-Pibbleys, they grow in length and weight, allowing th (more...)
James Bond Jr.
T*HQ, 1991 - Action - Licensed
Travel the world and battle the forces of S.C.U.M. in JAMES BOND JR. Take on the evil Dr. Derange in Central America or confront Maximillion Cortex in Venice. Along the way, Bond will discover a variety of special items that will enhance his personal weap (more...)
Jeopardy! 25th Anniversary
Gametek, 1990 - Game Show - Licensed
Based on the television game show of the same name. The 25th anniversary edition of this quiz show requires you to provide 'questions' in response to the 'answer' clues. The harder the question the more money it is worth. You can play with (more...)
Peter Pan and The Pirates
T*HQ, 1991 - Platform - Licensed
The game was panned by critics for its poor graphics and frustrating gameplay. In the single player side-scrolling game, you controlled Peter Pan, who could collect bags of fairy dust to fly and had a sword that boasted a frustratingly short range. The pl (more...)
Karate Champ
Data East, 1986 - Fighting - Licensed
Gameplay consists of a two dimensional fight between Karate characters wearing white and red gi, followed by various bonus rounds for the successful player. This pattern repeats itself in the next, more challenging round set against a new background. Unli (more...)
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