United States
Published by: HAL, 1990 | Developed by: HAL Labratory
Genre: Pinball | Licensed
The pinball machine rendered in Rollerball is comprised of four screens, which, by proportion, would be about as long as two standard pinball tables if it were a real table. The graphics on two of the four screens are based on various aspects of the New Y (more...)
Retrozone, 2007 - Adventure - Prototype
An unreleased game, originally by Tengen, brought back from the dead by Retrozone! Explore the wizard's 3D isometric dungeon through 3 difficulty levels. Each level the items are rearranged and new challenges are added. Can you outwit the wizard befor (more...)
Bases Loaded II: Second Season
Jaleco, 1990 - Baseball - Licensed
Like its predecessor, Bases Loaded II offers both a single-game mode and a single-player "pennant race" mode. In the "pennant race", a player must first achieve at least a 75-55 record during the regular season, then win a best-of-7 &q (more...)
Super NeSnake 2
Retrozone, 2008 - Arcade - Homebrew
In this classic snake game, eat numbers to make your snake longer! Battle through 25 obstacle filled levels with precise movements to survive. Three difficulty levels keep the challenges coming faster each time. Once you have mastered the movement, play w (more...)
Track and Field
Konami, 1987 - Sports, Other - Licensed
Track & Field helped to popularize the button-mashing style of gameplay, in which a player must hit a button on their controller as fast and as many times as possible in order to make their in-game athlete move quicker. This design rapidly incorporated in (more...)
Ultima V: Warriors of Destiny
FCI, 1993 - Role Playing - Licensed
In Ultima 5, you, the Avatar and Hero of Britannia, are called back to deal with a new threat - the tyrant Blackthorn, who, after the disappearance of Lord British, now rules the land by enforcing the virtues upon the will of the people, corrupting their (more...)
Galactic Crusader
Bunch Games, 1990 - Shooter - Unlicensed
Galactic Crusader is a fairly standard shooter, except for the low production value that is the hallmark of most unlicensed NES titles from Bunch Games, Wisdom Tree and others. (more...)
Smash T.V.
Acclaim, 1991 - Arcade - Licensed
The game format was very similar to that of Eugene Jarvis' earlier Robotron: 2084, with dual-joystick controls and series of single screen areas. The theme of the game involved players competing in a violent gameshow (set in the then-future of 1999), (more...)
Tengen, 1990 - Puzzle - Unlicensed
Klax features a conveyor belt at the top of the screen. It constantly rolls toward the well-like playing area, delivering a steady supply of colored blocks. The player controls a small device which sits at the interface between the conveyor belt and the p (more...)
Data East, 1987 - Action - Licensed
The goal is to drive a dune buggy to "BreakThru" the enemy lines of five different areas. The five areas are "Mountain", "Bridge", "Prairie" (Although early advertising labeled it "Jungle"), "City&quo (more...)
Mega Man 5
Capcom, 1992 - Platform - Licensed
In the year 20XX, after a brief period of peace, an army led by what appears to be Proto Man storms throughout the world wreaking havoc. One day, Dr. Light turns up missing (he had been kidnapped by "Proto Man") and the only clues left behind to (more...)
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