In Mendel Palace, you control a character named Bun-Bun. Your ultimate goal is to rescue your girlfriend Candy, who has fallen asleep and is now trapped in her dream. Each area features various dolls as enemies; each doll has specific movements and attacks, presenting a progression of different challenges as you work your way through the game. Within each area, 10 stages are played on a board of 7x5 sliding tiles with an overhead view. By sliding floor tiles, you can knock your enemies off of their feet and fling them backward. If they crash into a wall, they are destroyed. As you slide the floor tiles, you can also uncover stars and various other rewards and special tile-sliding pattern attacks. Collecting 100 stars earns you a 1UP. Collecting all of the stars on any given level rewards you with the last star being worth 10. Mendel Palace was Game Freak's debut title, and the first game designed by Satoshi Tajiri.