Published by: Retrozone, 2007 | Developed by:
Genre: Adventure | Prototype
An unreleased game, originally by Tengen, brought back from the dead by Retrozone! Explore the wizard's 3D isometric dungeon through 3 difficulty levels. Each level the items are rearranged and new challenges are added. Can you outwit the wizard befor (more...)
Airball - Screenshot #1
Airball - Screenshot #2
Airball - Screenshot #3
Sudoku 2007
Published by: Retrozone, 2007 | Developed by: Al Bailey
Genre: Puzzle | Homebrew
The first production NES game pak released in years, thanks to Retrozone! From creator Al Bailey, Sudoku 2007 is an NES version of the classic Sudoku logic puzzle. Start by selecting a difficulty level or puzzle number. Easy to use controls allow you to q (more...)
Sudoku 2007 - Screenshot #1
Sudoku 2007 - Screenshot #2
Sudoku 2007 - Screenshot #3
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