United States
Published by: Capcom, 1991 | Developed by: Capcom
Genre: Shooter | Licensed
Based on the Disney cartoon Talespin. Baloo's airline cargo company, Higher for Hire, makes deliveries all around the world. The air pirates, lead by the daring Don Karnage have increased their attacks against air travel. In order to foil the plans of (more...)
TaleSpin - Screenshot #1
TaleSpin - Screenshot #2
TaleSpin - Screenshot #3
United States
Published by: Capcom, 1987 | Developed by: Capcom
Genre: Action | Licensed
The story describes a post-apocalyptic world in the near future, devastated by Demonic-inluence of evil sects and by Wars. The spirits of warlords from past ages have been brought back to life, destroying civilization with disease and insanity. The bodies (more...)
Trojan - Screenshot #1
Trojan - Screenshot #2
Trojan - Screenshot #3
United States
Published by: Capcom, 1989 | Developed by: Capcom
Genre: Adventure | Licensed
In this RPG based on the movie, the player assumes the role of Willow, the chosen one who must restore human form to the benevolent sorceress Fin Raziel and destroy the evil sorceress, Bavmorda. Willow makes use of swords, shields, and spells that he disc (more...)
Willow - Screenshot #1
Willow - Screenshot #2
Willow - Screenshot #3
Yo! Noid
United States
Published by: Capcom, 1990 | Developed by: Now Production
Genre: Platform | Licensed
Don't you hate it when a goofy little dude with bunny ears causes your pizza to be cold and otherwise ruined before it can be delivered? Hey, who doesn't!? As made famous by the Domino's Pizza commercials in which we were all advised to " (more...)
Yo! Noid - Screenshot #1
Yo! Noid - Screenshot #2
Yo! Noid - Screenshot #3
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