Dragon Strike
United States
Published by: FCI, 1992 | Developed by: Westwood Associates
Genre: Shooter | Licensed
The player character is a knight who flies on the back of a metallic dragon equipped with a lance and various magic items (among other things a magic orb that acts as a radar in the game). The player's dragon can use its recharging magical breath to a (more...)
Dragon Strike - Screenshot #1
Dragon Strike - Screenshot #2
Dragon Strike - Screenshot #3
Exerion II
Published by: Retrozone, 2009 | Developed by: TOSE
Genre: Shooter | Prototype | AKA: Zorni
In the style of Galaga and 1942, Exerion featured vertical scrolling while shooting many enemies. Parallax backgrounds and moving terrain added to the graphics. Exerion never made it to the NES. This sequel also never made it to the NES. For years it rema (more...)
Exerion II - Screenshot #1
Exerion II - Screenshot #2
Exerion II - Screenshot #3
F-15 City War
United States
Published by: American Video, 1990 | Developed by: Idea-tek
Genre: Shooter | Unlicensed
F-15 City War is an unlicensed arcade style flying game from American Video. You fly an F-15 with unlimited ammunition into battle against a seemingly endless stream of generic tanks, helicopters, gun boats, missile silos, jets, robots, and a large boss a (more...)
F-15 City War - Screenshot #1
F-15 City War - Screenshot #2
F-15 City War - Screenshot #3
Fantasy Zone
United States
Published by: Tengen, 1989 | Developed by: Sega
Genre: Shooter | Unlicensed
In the game, the player's ship is placed in a level with a number of bases to destroy. When all the bases are gone, the stage boss appears; when the boss is defeated, the player moves on to the next level. There are two buttons: shoot and bomb; the no (more...)
Fantasy Zone - Screenshot #1
Fantasy Zone - Screenshot #2
Fantasy Zone - Screenshot #3
United States
Published by: Camerica, 1992 | Developed by: Codemasters
Genre: Shooter | Unlicensed
Devastating! Awesome! Experience the power of the mighty Firehawk helicopter gunship in this ultimate action game! Use skill to pilot the Firehawk through seven daring missions to pick up your troops from enemy-infested islands! The opposition is tough an (more...)
Firehawk - Screenshot #1
Firehawk - Screenshot #2
Firehawk - Screenshot #3
Galactic Crusader
United States
Published by: Bunch Games, 1990 | Developed by: Joy Van
Genre: Shooter | Unlicensed
Galactic Crusader is a fairly standard shooter, except for the low production value that is the hallmark of most unlicensed NES titles from Bunch Games, Wisdom Tree and others. (more...)
Galactic Crusader - Screenshot #1
Galactic Crusader - Screenshot #2
Galactic Crusader - Screenshot #3
United States
Published by: Konami, 1986 | Developed by: Konami
Genre: Shooter | Licensed
The people of Gradius are in trouble. The ameoboid Bacterions have launched an all out attack against the planet, and it's up to you to fly into battle and save them. Along the way you'll be able to power up your ship with hyper speed, force field (more...)
Gradius - Screenshot #1
Gradius - Screenshot #2
Gradius - Screenshot #3
United States
Published by: Ascii, 1991 | Developed by: Compile
Genre: Shooter | Licensed
You assume the role of commander Gun-Nac. You fight a host of enemies from your space ship, in which you battle your way through 8 separate levels. The ship can be upgraded to a larger ship by acquiring a "wing" for your plane, which allows the (more...)
Gun-Nac - Screenshot #1
Gun-Nac - Screenshot #2
Gun-Nac - Screenshot #3
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