Marble Madness
United States
Published by: Milton Bradley, 1989 | Developed by: Atari
Genre: Puzzle | Licensed
While Marble Madness is a fairly short game, with victorious plays through its six levels rarely lasting longer than five minutes, its high degree of challenge and charming theme, sound and graphics made it a hit. A small assortment of enemies are scatter (more...)
Marble Madness - Screenshot #1
Marble Madness - Screenshot #2
Marble Madness - Screenshot #3
Mendel Palace
United States
Published by: Hudson Soft, 1990 | Developed by: Game Freak, Inc.
Genre: Puzzle | Licensed
In Mendel Palace, you control a character named Bun-Bun. Your ultimate goal is to rescue your girlfriend Candy, who has fallen asleep and is now trapped in her dream. Each area features various dolls as enemies; each doll has specific movements and attack (more...)
Mendel Palace - Screenshot #1
Mendel Palace - Screenshot #2
Mendel Palace - Screenshot #3
Mermaids of Atlantis
United States
Published by: American Video, 1991 | Developed by: Computer & Entertainment
Genre: Puzzle | Unlicensed
Mermaids was a censored version of the unlicensed NES game Bubble Bath Babes that came out in the same year. The original Japanese version, "Soap Panic," was released in 1991 bearing the name of Hacker Int., an unlicensed company known for adult (more...)
Mermaids of Atlantis - Screenshot #1
Mermaids of Atlantis - Screenshot #2
Mermaids of Atlantis - Screenshot #3
Mystic Pillars
Published by: Retrozone, 2008 | Developed by: Sivak Games
Genre: Puzzle | Homebrew | AKA: Columns
Inspired by the game Columns, Mystic Pillars marks the third title by Sivak Games. You must guide pillars of tiles to form a row, column, or diagonal of 3 matching tiles in order to clear them. Tiles stacked on top of the dissapearing tiles drop do (more...)
Mystic Pillars - Screenshot #1
Mystic Pillars - Screenshot #2
Mystic Pillars - Screenshot #3
United States
Published by: Hi-Tech Expressions, 1990 | Developed by: Software Toolworks
Genre: Puzzle | Licensed
Based on the computer game Beyond the Black Hole, Orb-3D is... More similar to a 3D, puzzle-enhanced version of Pong. Set in deep outer space, an evil space wizard by the name of Krohn is in control of a vast Black Hole that is expanding at a rapid rate. (more...)
ORB-3D - Screenshot #1
ORB-3D - Screenshot #2
ORB-3D - Screenshot #3
United States
Published by: Hot B, 1990 | Developed by: Hot B
Genre: Puzzle | Licensed
Palamedes is a simplistic Tetris-like game for the NES and Game Boy game systems requiring the player to match the dice they are holding to the dice on top of the screen. Using the "B" button, the player can change the number on his dice, then t (more...)
Palamedes - Screenshot #1
Palamedes - Screenshot #2
Palamedes - Screenshot #3
Pipe Dream
United States
Published by: Bullet-Proof Software, 1990 | Developed by: Lucasfilm Games
Genre: Puzzle | Licensed | AKA: Pipe Mania
Using a variety of pipe pieces presented randomly in a queue, the player must construct a path from the start piece for the onrushing sewer slime, or "flooz" (the 1991 Windows version's help files refers to it as goo), which begins flowing a (more...)
Pipe Dream - Screenshot #1
Pipe Dream - Screenshot #2
Pipe Dream - Screenshot #3
United States
Published by: American Video, 1990 | Developed by: Idea-tek
Genre: Puzzle | Unlicensed
The object of Puzzle is to reassemble a picture which has been scrambled. The picture is broken into a number of pieces with one or more open spaces. Slide the pieces into the open spaces to rearrange them back into the proper order. If you're stuck, (more...)
Puzzle - Screenshot #1
Puzzle - Screenshot #2
Puzzle - Screenshot #3
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