Nuts and Milk
Nintendo Famicom
Published by: Hudson Soft, 1984 | Developed by: Hudson Soft
Genre: Arcade | Licensed
Originally developed by Hudson Soft for several home computers in Japan, Nuts & Milk became the company's first Famicom video game. The game itself borrows elements from Lode Runner and other arcade-styled platformers such as Donkey Kong Jr, and even (more...)
Nuts and Milk - Screenshot #1
Nuts and Milk - Screenshot #2
Nuts and Milk - Screenshot #3
Pac-Man (Tengen)
United States
Published by: Tengen, 1993 | Developed by: Namco
Genre: Arcade | Unlicensed
Pac-Man (or Puck Man in Japan) is an arcade game developed by Namco and licensed for distribution in the USA by Midway, first released in Japan in 1979. Immensely popular from its first release through today, Pac-Man is universally considered as one of th (more...)
Pac-Man (Tengen) - Screenshot #1
Pac-Man (Tengen) - Screenshot #2
Pac-Man (Tengen) - Screenshot #3
United States
Published by: Tengen, 1990 | Developed by: Namco
Genre: Arcade | Unlicensed
Just like most of the other games in the Pac-Man series, the goal is for Pac-Man to eat all of the dots before he is caught by the ghosts. This game has several significant changes from the traditional format. The first, and most noticeable, change is tha (more...)
Pac-Mania - Screenshot #1
Pac-Mania - Screenshot #2
Pac-Mania - Screenshot #3
United States
Published by: Mindscape, 1988 | Developed by: Atari
Genre: Arcade | Licensed
The paperboy begins his route at the start of the street (bottom of the screen) and progresses towards the end. The player can control the paperboy's speed: faster delivery earns a higher score. But the paperboy is in constant movement and cannot stop (more...)
Paperboy - Screenshot #1
Paperboy - Screenshot #2
Paperboy - Screenshot #3
Paperboy 2
United States
Published by: Mindscape, 1992 | Developed by: Tengen Ltd.
Genre: Arcade | Licensed
The Paperboy is back, and he's not going to let anything keep him from delivering the paper. Make sure the paper gets to the subscribers, and try to cause damage to those who don't want the papers. Now, the Paperboy can ride in three directions, f (more...)
Paperboy 2 - Screenshot #1
Paperboy 2 - Screenshot #2
Paperboy 2 - Screenshot #3
United States
Published by: Nintendo, 1986 | Developed by: Nintendo
Genre: Arcade | Licensed
The object of the game was for Popeye to collect a certain number of items (24 hearts, 16 musical notes, the letters in the word "help" - depending on the level) while avoiding The Sea Hag, Brutus (Brutus was the character's name in the King (more...)
Popeye - Screenshot #1
Popeye - Screenshot #2
Popeye - Screenshot #3
United States
Published by: Ultra, 1989 | Developed by: Gottlieb
Genre: Arcade | Licensed
Designed with a nod to M. C. Escher, Q*bert's playing field is an isometric projection of a pyramid-like structure of tri-colored cubes. Q*bert's purpose is to hop around the tops of these cubes, changing every square to a specific color (e.g., fr (more...)
Q*Bert - Screenshot #1
Q*Bert - Screenshot #2
Q*Bert - Screenshot #3
Quattro Arcade
United States
Published by: Camerica, 1992 | Developed by: Codemasters
Genre: Arcade | Unlicensed
F-16 RENEGADE - Things are not quite what they seem down at Fairview High School. Behind the door to the computer room the mild mannered head of department, Professor Helix, is secretely plotting to take over the world! Using only his PC Professo (more...)
Quattro Arcade - Screenshot #1
Quattro Arcade - Screenshot #2
Quattro Arcade - Screenshot #3
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