Home Alone
United States
Published by: T*HQ, 1991 | Developed by: Bethesda Softworks
Genre: Arcade | Licensed
Based on the movie of the same name The game only allows for one player and the object is to get all your parents' valuables in the basement before the "Wet Bandits" get to them and kidnap you. (more...)
Home Alone - Screenshot #1
Home Alone - Screenshot #2
Home Alone - Screenshot #3
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
United States
Published by: Tengen, 1990 | Developed by: Atari
Genre: Arcade | Unlicensed
The arcade game based on the second movie in the series. Indy "whips" his way through the levels solving tasks such as saving the children from Mola Ram. Jump gaps using your whip to swing across. Ride mine carts, choosing the right track and av (more...)
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom - Screenshot #1
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom - Screenshot #2
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom - Screenshot #3
United States
Published by: LJN, 1987 | Developed by: Westone Bit Entertainment
Genre: Arcade | Licensed
Jaws is an NES game based on the film franchise of the same name, specifically Jaws: The Revenge, the fourth and final film in the series. Unlike the movies, the game is a simple shark hunt arranged like an action RPG; the player pilots a boat across the (more...)
Jaws - Screenshot #1
Jaws - Screenshot #2
Jaws - Screenshot #3
United States
Published by: HAL, 1988 | Developed by: Williams Electronics Inc.
Genre: Arcade | Licensed
The player takes the role of a knight with a lance, mounted on an ostrich, battling waves of computer-controlled enemy knights. The enemy knights have three different speed and agility levels and are mounted on large, vulture-like creatures of their own. (more...)
Joust - Screenshot #1
Joust - Screenshot #2
Joust - Screenshot #3
Lode Runner
United States
Published by: Broderbund, 1987 | Developed by: Broderbund
Genre: Arcade | Licensed
The player controls a stick figure, collecting all the gold in the level, and avoiding robots trying to catch the player. The levels feature a multi-story brick platform motif, with ladders and hand-to-hand bars suspended in the air offering multiple ways (more...)
Lode Runner - Screenshot #1
Lode Runner - Screenshot #2
Lode Runner - Screenshot #3
Lunar Pool
United States
Published by: FCI, 1987 | Developed by: Compile
Genre: Arcade | Licensed
Lunar Pool takes the historical game of billiards and reinvents it with a unique and futuristic flair. The rules are simple: All you need to do is use your cue stick to hit the white cue ball, causing it to hit the other numbered balls and make them go in (more...)
Lunar Pool - Screenshot #1
Lunar Pool - Screenshot #2
Lunar Pool - Screenshot #3
United States
Published by: Taxan, 1989 | Developed by: TOSE
Genre: Arcade | Licensed
Mappy-Land (a.k.a. Mappy 3) is a video game console-only sequel to the 1983 Namco/Midway arcade game Mappy. There are eight theme lands on each in this game. In this game, Mappy the Mouse was given an extended family, including his wife, "Mapico the (more...)
Mappy-Land - Screenshot #1
Mappy-Land - Screenshot #2
Mappy-Land - Screenshot #3
Mario Bros.
United States
Published by: Nintendo, 1986 | Developed by: Nintendo
Genre: Arcade | Licensed
Mario Bros. is a 2D side-view platform game. There is only one screen; the platforms have the same position for the entire game. The goal for each phase is to "kick off all the pests". Mario or Luigi can run right and left, and jump. The players (more...)
Mario Bros. - Screenshot #1
Mario Bros. - Screenshot #2
Mario Bros. - Screenshot #3
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