United States
Published by: Ascii, 1991 | Developed by: Compile
Genre: Shooter | Licensed
You assume the role of commander Gun-Nac. You fight a host of enemies from your space ship, in which you battle your way through 8 separate levels. The ship can be upgraded to a larger ship by acquiring a "wing" for your plane, which allows the (more...)
Gun-Nac - Screenshot #1
Gun-Nac - Screenshot #2
Gun-Nac - Screenshot #3
United States
Published by: Capcom, 1988 | Developed by: Capcom
Genre: Shooter | Licensed
Gun.Smoke is very similar to Commando, another Capcom game. However, there are differences in Gun. Smoke. Whereas Commando is a run and gun game, this game is a scrolling shooter in which the screen scrolls upward automatically and players only have three (more...)
Gun.Smoke - Screenshot #1
Gun.Smoke - Screenshot #2
Gun.Smoke - Screenshot #3
United States
Published by: Nintendo, 1985 | Developed by: Nintendo
Genre: R.O.B. | Licensed
Professor Hector and his assistant, Professor Vector, navigate side-scrolling platform levels with the help of their creation, R.O.B. Their lives are threatened by dynamite and hungry little lizards called Smicks, and Professor Hector's sleep-walking (more...)
Gyromite - Screenshot #1
Gyromite - Screenshot #2
Gyromite - Screenshot #3
United States
Published by: Ultra, 1989 | Developed by: Konami
Genre: Shooter | Licensed
Gyruss is very similar to Galaga in it's basic concept. However, the game is presented in a forced 3D perspective akin to "Tempest". The player's ship faces into the center of the screen is able to move around the perimeter of an implici (more...)
Gyruss - Screenshot #1
Gyruss - Screenshot #2
Gyruss - Screenshot #3
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