United States
Published by: American Game Cartridges, 1986 | Developed by: Exidy
Genre: Light Gun | Unlicensed
A player's goal is to shoot and kill everything that there is on the screen, both animated characters and inanimate elements of the background. There are four unique screens detailing various horror scenarios and settings. For each screen, shooting al (more...)
Chiller - Screenshot #1
Chiller - Screenshot #2
Chiller - Screenshot #3
Chubby Cherub
United States
Published by: Bandai, 1986 | Developed by: TOSE
Genre: Arcade | Licensed
The North American Chubby Cherub game is about a flying cupid who eats food and attacks enemies with limited supplies of hearts. The Japanese game is about a ghost named Q-tarō, a character from a manga series called Obake no Q-tarō. (more...)
Chubby Cherub - Screenshot #1
Chubby Cherub - Screenshot #2
Chubby Cherub - Screenshot #3
Chunkout 2
Published by: Retrozone, 2008 | Developed by: Chunkout Games
Genre: Puzzle | Homebrew
Classic tile deleting fun - can you get a Chunkout? Starting with a random layout of colored tiles, obliterate large chunks of the same color and shape to score big! By strategically removing smaller quantities of tiles you can create bigger and better sc (more...)
Chunkout 2 - Screenshot #1
Chunkout 2 - Screenshot #2
Chunkout 2 - Screenshot #3
Circus Caper
United States
Published by: Toho, 1990 | Developed by: Advance Communication Company
Genre: Platform | Licensed
The single-player, side-scrolling action game takes you through various levels, each with a circus theme, fighting various enemies and bosses until you finally defeat the ring master and save your sister. You start out in the game with little life, and fe (more...)
Circus Caper - Screenshot #1
Circus Caper - Screenshot #2
Circus Caper - Screenshot #3
City Connection
United States
Published by: Jaleco, 1988 | Developed by: Hect Co. Ltd.
Genre: Arcade | Licensed
The main character in the game is a driver on a tour of all the sights and roads across the world. To prove that he has visited a particular location, he must drive around the location painting every section of the road white. However, the police, who hav (more...)
City Connection - Screenshot #1
City Connection - Screenshot #2
City Connection - Screenshot #3
Clash at Demonhead
United States
Published by: Vic Tokai, 1990 | Developed by: Vic Tokai
Genre: Action | Licensed
Billy "Big Bang" Blitz is a sergeant in a tactical ops group called S.A.B.R.E. (Special Assault Brigade for Real Emergencies). He and his fellow operative Mary are recalled from leave to deal with an emergency situation: Professor Plum, creator (more...)
Clash at Demonhead - Screenshot #1
Clash at Demonhead - Screenshot #2
Clash at Demonhead - Screenshot #3
Classic Concentration
United States
Published by: Gametek, 1990 | Developed by: Softie, Inc.
Genre: Game Show | Licensed
One at a time, the contestants called out two numbers. If the prizes or special action didn't match, the opponent took a turn. However, if the player did match, whatever prize was printed on the card was placed on a board behind the contestant; or, he (more...)
Classic Concentration - Screenshot #1
Classic Concentration - Screenshot #2
Classic Concentration - Screenshot #3
United States
Published by: Imagesoft, 1993 | Developed by: Malibu Interactive
Genre: Platform | Licensed
Terrorists tried to hijack a plane carrying 100 million in cash, but things do not go according to plan and the plane crashes on the side of a mountain. Pretending to be lost hikers, the terrorists call the Search and Rescue Team for help and guess what y (more...)
Cliffhanger - Screenshot #1
Cliffhanger - Screenshot #2
Cliffhanger - Screenshot #3
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