Burai Fighter
United States
Published by: Taxan, 1990 | Developed by: KID
Genre: Shooter | Licensed
The Burai, a race of evil super-brain aliens, have launched their plan to conquer the universe with their army of half-organic, half-robot creatures -- the robo-mutants. It's up to you to stop them! Strap on your jet pack, and get ready to become the (more...)
Burai Fighter - Screenshot #1
Burai Fighter - Screenshot #2
Burai Fighter - Screenshot #3
United States
Published by: Data East, 1987 | Developed by: SAS Sakata
Genre: Arcade | Licensed
The playfield consists of ladders and on which rest oversized hamburger layers (the bun, the meat patties, tomatoes, lettuce, and cheese). The layers are arranged vertically so that they can be dropped directly onto each other. The player's objective (more...)
BurgerTime - Screenshot #1
BurgerTime - Screenshot #2
BurgerTime - Screenshot #3
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