Krusty's Fun House
United States
Published by: Acclaim, 1992 | Developed by: Acclaim
Genre: Platform | Licensed
Everybody's favorite alcoholic clown from the hit animated TV show THE SIMPSONS makes his way to the NES with KRUSTY'S FUN HOUSE. It's infested with purple rats and Krusty needs your help to exterminate the little vermin. While Bart and Homer (more...)
Krusty's Fun House - Screenshot #1
Krusty's Fun House - Screenshot #2
Krusty's Fun House - Screenshot #3
United States
Published by: Mindscape, 1990 | Developed by: Audiogenic Software Ltd.
Genre: Puzzle | Licensed
The main focus in on the playing board where random pieces of different shapes are presented to the player. The player must then try to make loops out of them. Once a loop is completed, all pieces involved disappear. There exist three different play modes (more...)
Loopz - Screenshot #1
Loopz - Screenshot #2
Loopz - Screenshot #3
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