Gauntlet II
United States
Published by: Mindscape, 1990 | Developed by: Atari
Genre: Arcade | Licensed
The biggest difference from the original game is that each player can now choose his class, instead of being limited to a particular one for each joystick. Thus, instead of having a "warrior" or a "wizard" (for instance), in Gauntlet 2 (more...)
Double Dribble
Konami, 1987 - Basketball - Licensed
The NES version features 5-on-5 action on a horizontally scrolling court, four different teams (Boston, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles), three levels of single-play difficulty, and four different choices of quarter lengths. Double Dribble was among the fi (more...)
Taito, 1991 - Puzzle - Licensed
The objective of Qix is to fence off, or "claim", a supermajority of the playfield. At the start of each level, the playing field is a large, empty rectangle, containing the Qix - a sticklike entity that performs graceful, but unpredictable moti (more...)
Nintendo, 1990 - Adventure - Licensed
The story revolves around Mike Jones, a star pitcher from Seattle, who comes to C-Island to visit his uncle, an archaeologist named Dr. Steve Jones, after receiving a letter from him. Uniquely, this letter was actually packaged with the game and addressed (more...)
Maniac Mansion
Jaleco, 1990 - Adventure - Licensed
Maniac Mansion is a graphical adventure game originally released in 1987 by Lucasfilm Games (now known as LucasArts). Maniac Mansion has become known among video game players and programmers for its highly-acclaimed gameplay and its introduction of new id (more...)
World Cup
World Cup Soccer was produced by the same company that made River City Ransom (American Technos), licensed by Nintendo for a US release. The japanese name for this game is Nekketsu Koukou Dodgeball-bu Soccer-hen. (more...)
Clu Clu Land
Nintendo, 1985 - Arcade - Licensed
Clu Clu Land's story starts with a type of Sea Urchin, the Unira, stealing all of the treasures in the underwater kingdom of Clu Clu Land. Bubbles, the heroine, sets out to retrieve the treasure. The object of the game is to uncover all the golden Ing (more...)
Super Mario Bros.
Nintendo, 1985 - Platform - Licensed
The player takes the role of Mario, or in the case of a second player, Mario's brother Luigi. The ultimate object is to race through the Mushroom Kingdom, evade or eliminate King Koopa's forces, and save Princess Peach (or "Princess Toadstool (more...)
Low G Man: The Low Gravity Man
Taxan, 1990 - Action - Licensed
The year is 2284, and the human race has perfected space travel and is colonizing the galaxy. To help out, robots of all types are used in exploring new planets. There are even entire planets dedicated to manufacturing new robots. But then an alien race c (more...)
Dragon Warrior IV
Enix, 1992 - Role Playing - Licensed
Dragon Quest IV introduced several new features over the first three titles. The new chapter-based story telling system was one of them. In addition, there were party member artificial intelligence options, which allows the player to give strategies to hi (more...)
Peter Pan and The Pirates
T*HQ, 1991 - Platform - Licensed
The game was panned by critics for its poor graphics and frustrating gameplay. In the single player side-scrolling game, you controlled Peter Pan, who could collect bags of fairy dust to fly and had a sword that boasted a frustratingly short range. The pl (more...)
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