Street Cop
United States
Published by: Bandai, 1989 | Developed by: Sonata
Genre: Power Pad | Licensed
Street Cop is a Nintendo game, using the Power Pad, in which the character uses his billy club to apprehend criminals. The player has to step on the buttons corresponding to each of the cop's actions, such as moving, jumping and clubbing. Released in (more...)
Baseball Stars
SNK, 1989 - Baseball - Licensed
Baseball Stars was one of the first sports games to have data memory, therefore players could create a team, configure baseball league & play a season, and throughout the CPU stored cumulative statistics. Baseball Stars was also the first sports game for (more...)
Nobunaga's Ambition II
Koei, 1991 - Strategy - Licensed
The player's goal is to repeat the feat of Oda Nobunaga, the unification of Japan under one flag, whether by playing Oda Nobunaga or any of the other daimyos present. In each scenario, the player has to allocate resources to raise a strong army for bo (more...)
G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero
Taxan, 1991 - Action - Licensed
In the game you picked among a group of G.I. Joe characters, each with their own strength and weaknesses, and marched through roughly eight levels of action in a quest to finally bring down Cobra Commander and his ruthless terrorist organization. The char (more...)
Castle of Deceit
Bunch Games, 1990 - Platform - Unlicensed
Phfax, mystic being, wielder of the Emerald Magic, consented to offer his life to protect the stones of Rune. For centuries he dwelled within the plasma of energies of the stones where the Runes were hidden. Until at last it drove him insane. Such was the (more...)
Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves
Tread the path of one of history's most legendary thieves. Based on the movie, Expect scenes like the jailbreak from Jerusalem, Robin's return home to Locksley Castle and his fight with Little John, who then joins him on his quest to free England (more...)
Rad Racket: Deluxe Tennis II
The competition is fierce. You've fought long and hard to get this far. You're gonna have to keep on winning to make it to the top. Six of the best international players have gathered to compete for a fortune in cash, plus the prestige that comes (more...)
Kemco, 1988 - Action - Licensed
Superman is the title of an NES video game based on the popular DC comics character and the first two films of the same name. The game is a combination of side-scrolling action mixed in with some puzzles. While the US release contains an original soundtra (more...)
Ultima IV: Quest of The Avatar
FCI, 1990 - Role Playing - Licensed
Instead of the statistics-oriented character creation process typical of early computer role-playing games, in Ultima 4, players choose their character type by answering a series of ethical dilemmas. These situations have no easy resolution; players must (more...)
Hudson Soft, 1990 - Adventure - Licensed
The game centers around the main character of Apollo (no relation to the sun god) who progresses through the game in an alternating format that switches between platform, side-scrolling action (similar to the Super Mario Bros. series) and side-scrolling s (more...)
Mickey's Adventure in Numberland
Pete has stolen all the numbers from Numberland 1 through 10 and it's up to Mickey to retrieve them in MICKEY'S ADVENTURE IN NUMBERLAND. Take control of Mickey as you guide him through five different worlds in search of the missing numbers The Cit (more...)
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