United States
Published by: Arcadia, 1990 | Developed by: Arcadia Systems
Genre: Board Game | Licensed
A puzzle game loosely featuring licensing from the 7Up soft drink. The gameplay involves up to 4 players, which can be either human or computer, each taking on spots of a particular colour. Starting from opposite corners, they take it in turns to move, ei (more...)
Fist of the North Star
Taxan, 1989 - Action - Licensed
This is a platform "beat-'em-up" game based on the anime series Hokuto no Ken. According to the story mentioned in the manual, Kenshirou, the main character, has to save the people from the evil Emperor Heaven. The game itself, however, feat (more...)
Peter Pan and The Pirates
T*HQ, 1991 - Platform - Licensed
The game was panned by critics for its poor graphics and frustrating gameplay. In the single player side-scrolling game, you controlled Peter Pan, who could collect bags of fairy dust to fly and had a sword that boasted a frustratingly short range. The pl (more...)
Arch Rivals
Acclaim, 1990 - Basketball - Licensed
The big drawing point of Arch Rivals is the ability to punch the opposing player (which the player is encouraged to do), after which they can steal the ball. Sometimes, soda cans and candy wrappers are thrown onto the floor. If a ballhandler steps on thos (more...)
Ninja Crusaders
American Sammy, 1990 - Action - Licensed
A ninja-oriented combat game in the vein of Ninja Gaiden and Shinobi, Ninja Crusaders is a standard entry in the genre that's noteworthy for its two-player simultaneous play and the main characters' ability to transform into a tiger, eagle, dragon (more...)
Destiny of an Emperor II
Capcom, 1991 - Role Playing - Licensed
Destiny of an Emperor-II (DoaE-II) is the English name given to "Tenchi wo Kurai-II: the Story of Kong Ming". The game plot follows the life of Zhuge Liang, the great military tactician of China's late Han Dynasty. Its commercial release was (more...)
Retrozone, 2008 - Action - Homebrew
Jump into your Glider and ride the vents to escape The House in the first ever flashable NES game from Brian Parker. In the most advanced homebrew yet you control the paper airplane in search of a way out of the 60 room house. Fly over floor vents to get (more...)
Wheel of Fortune
Gametek, 1988 - Game Show - Licensed
This version featured three rounds, a wheel that never changed values (The Top Dollar value in every round was $1,000), and the third round was always the Speed Round with the final spin. If the player advances to the bonus round, they must choose a prize (more...)
Mission Cobra
Bunch Games, 1990 - Shooter - Unlicensed
Searing gunfire inflicts heavy damages on both sides as you slice into a murderous squadron of enemy fighter jets. As the commander of a fast and powerful helicopter, you must face an intense struggle against a pair of patrolling choppers before you are a (more...)
Dungeon Magic: Sword of the Elements
Taito, 1990 - Role Playing - Licensed
500 years ago, the Kingdom of Granville fought a terrible war with Darces the Dark Overlord. A great hero, the warrior "Magi", rose to challenge Darces. He owned six magical swords and a powerful suit of armor that was impervious to all but the (more...)
Friday The 13th
LJN, 1989 - Adventure - Licensed
The player starts the game by picking which camp counselor he/she wants to control. Each of the counselors is stationed in a different cabin across the map, and they have certain strengths and weaknesses, most prominently in terms of their speed and how h (more...)
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