United States
Published by: Nintendo, 1987 | Developed by: Rare, Ltd.
Genre: Sports, Other | Licensed
The goal in this game is simple: reach the bottom of the ski run before the time runs out. Avoid the snow lumps, snowmen, sledders and other skiiers to maintain maximum velocity! If you do hit a snow lump, press down on the D-Pad for bonus "freestyle (more...)
Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy
Camerica, 1991 - Platform - Unlicensed
In the game, the evil wizard Zaks cast an evil spell on the Yolkfolk, and kidnaps Dizzy's girlfriend Daisy, and it's up to Dizzy to undo Zaks' doings and rescue Daisy from the castle in the clouds. The game is hard to qualify in a genre: while (more...)
Bubble Bobble, Part 2
Taito, 1993 - Arcade - Licensed
The bubble stomping adventure continues in BUBBLE BOBBLE PART 2. Take control of the Cubby and Rubby, descendants of the original Bubby, as they travel through multiple levels. In each level, the two heroes will have to capture their enemies in bubbles, a (more...)
Cheetamen II
Cheetahmen II is infamous for being one of the most sought-after NES rarities, despite being unplayable due to a glitch. The game was never actually released onto the market, although it did have a small production run of physical cartridges and packaging (more...)
Hudson Soft, 1985 - Action - Licensed
This game was originally planned as a port of the ZX Spectrum video game 'Stop the Express' (later released for the Commodore 64 and MSX), which was released by Sinclair Research Ltd in 1983. 'Stop the Express' only contained the first tra (more...)
Ultimate Basketball
The game plays like a conventional sports video game. The player choses from a list of eight available Teams, and controls five players on the team on the court, though only one player may be directly controlled at a time. There is a championship mode and (more...)
High Speed
Tradewest, 1991 - Pinball - Licensed
All the action and excitement of the original HIGH SPEED is here - Freeway Frenzy, Ramp Race and Running the Red - plus excellent, new features like Lightning Bombs and attacking enemies! Awesome pinball action; four different levels; two bonus games; all (more...)
Capcom, 1987 - Action - Licensed
The story describes a post-apocalyptic world in the near future, devastated by Demonic-inluence of evil sects and by Wars. The spirits of warlords from past ages have been brought back to life, destroying civilization with disease and insanity. The bodies (more...)
Sudoku 2007
Retrozone, 2007 - Puzzle - Homebrew
The first production NES game pak released in years, thanks to Retrozone! From creator Al Bailey, Sudoku 2007 is an NES version of the classic Sudoku logic puzzle. Start by selecting a difficulty level or puzzle number. Easy to use controls allow you to q (more...)
Ikari Warriors II: Victory Road
SNK, 1988 - Action - Licensed
When we last saw Paul and Vince, they had saved the Colonel and were about to head for home in a special plane given to them by the General. But then, while in flight over the ocean, the sky suddenly blackens - the ocean begins to churn - and the plane go (more...)
LJN, 1991 - Platform - Licensed
In the game you control Beetlejuice through various side-scrolling and overhead view levels in an effort to scare the yuppie Deetz family and friends that have taken over the house. You stomp on cockroaches in order to gain points that you used to buy var (more...)
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