Little League Baseball: Championship Series
United States
Published by: SNK, 1990 | Developed by: SNK
Genre: Baseball | Licensed
You get your choice of 16 teams to play, eight domestic teams and eight foreign teams from Asia and Europe. In One-Player mode you play the computer in an international tournament. For Two Players, you each have a squad in the tourney. All games are seven (more...)
Bible Adventures
Wisdom Tree, 1991 - Religious - Unlicensed
Bible Adventures is an unlicensed Nintendo cartridge, released in 1991 by Wisdom Tree, and in 1995 for the Sega Mega Drive. It contains three different games: Noah's Ark, Baby Moses, and David and Goliath, all of which are based rather loosely on stor (more...)
Bonk's Adventure
Hudson Soft, 1993 - Platform - Licensed
Join Bonk his all new adventure as he travels through the savage dinosaur land in search of the beautiful Moon princess! The slimy King Drool, has kidnapped her! Now Bonk has to use his head (literally), to save the princess and the kingdom! Use powerful (more...)
Metal Fighter
Color Dreams, 1989 - Shooter - Unlicensed
Metal Fighter is an arcade style shooter for one player. You control an MCS-920 in an attempt to free planet H17 from alien invaders. Along the way you can improve your fighters weapons and speed by shooting certain enemies and collecting the power ups le (more...)
Jimmy Connors' Pro Tennis Tour
This is Ultimate Tennis. Jimmy Connors, ranked Number 1 for 159 weeks, holder of Eight Grand Slam titles and a record 109 singles titles-more than any other male player in history is the greatest tennis champion ever! Now YOU'RE Jimmy Connors, batting (more...)
Volleyball is an action game for one or two players. Choose a country to represent, choose a mens or womens team, then head to the court to begin! You can serve, set the ball for a teammate, spike, lob, or dive to save the game. (more...)
Base Wars: Cyber Stadium Series
Ultra, 1991 - Baseball - Licensed
There are four different types of robots in the game including the cyborg, tank, flybot and motorcycle. All of these robots are identical from the waist up, these classification differences refer to the area below the waist and consequently, their primary (more...)
Silent Assault
Color Dreams, 1990 - Action - Unlicensed
A deadly alien force has taken control of all of the Earth's military forces. For some reason, the alien power is unable to control you, leaving you as the only one who can fight back. To be victorious you will need to battle both military forces and (more...)
Dance Aerobics
Nintendo, 1989 - Power Pad - Licensed
With a Power Pad and DANCE AEROBICS, your Nintendo Entertainment system can whip you into shape in no time. Try to work your way through 12 levels of conditioning with 64 separate dance routines. You can do this alone or have friend to join you in the exe (more...)
Kabuki: Quantum Fighter
HAL, 1991 - Action - Licensed
In this futuristic platform game, a computer virus has affected the Earth's defense systems. A lone warrior is transferred into digital data and sent inside the mainframe, where he becomes a Kabuki warrior. Gameplay is similar to other ninja-platforme (more...)
Super Sprint
Tengen, 1989 - Racing - Unlicensed
Super Sprint is a simple racing game. Up to three players drive simultaneously on a circuit against opponents controlled by the computer. The circuits are viewed from above and always fit on the screen, so the game never scrolls. After three rounds the wi (more...)
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