Chubby Cherub
United States
Published by: Bandai, 1986 | Developed by: TOSE
Genre: Arcade | Licensed
The North American Chubby Cherub game is about a flying cupid who eats food and attacks enemies with limited supplies of hearts. The Japanese game is about a ghost named Q-tarō, a character from a manga series called Obake no Q-tarō. (more...)
Super Spike V'Ball
It is based on, but not a direct port of, the arcade game U.S. Championship V'Ball. It is a beach volleyball game, the most notable element of the game being the 'Super Spike,' a spike which is difficult to block. It offers several teams with (more...)
Golf Grand Slam
Atlus, 1990 - Golf - Licensed
In this game, develop your theoretical and practical knowledge of golf, whether you be an aficionado or amateur. The many technical aspects of shot making, such as compensating for wind conditions, putting on sloping greens, dealing with bunkers or roughs (more...)
Baseball Simulator 1,000
The player can either control a normal baseball team or a special baseball team with secret hitting and pitching plays to boost their chances of winning. There is an exhibition mode, a regular season mode, and a team edit mode that allows the player to ma (more...)
G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero
Taxan, 1991 - Action - Licensed
In the game you picked among a group of G.I. Joe characters, each with their own strength and weaknesses, and marched through roughly eight levels of action in a quest to finally bring down Cobra Commander and his ruthless terrorist organization. The char (more...)
Boy and His Blob
Absolute, 1990 - Adventure - Licensed
A Boy and His Blob: Trouble on Blobolonia is a side-scrolling puzzle-solving adventure in which you and your friend Blob (full name Blobert) travel together on earth and on Blobert's home planet Blobolonia in a quest to defeat the evil emperor. Blober (more...)
American Gladiators
Gametek, 1991 - Sports, Other - Licensed
As in the real show, the player use their strength and stamina in order to confront their opponents and the American Gladiators. Players must navigate through the Assault, Powerball, Human Cannonball, The Wall, and Joust over a course of four increasingly (more...)
Goonies, The
Konami, 1986 - Arcade - Licensed
After playing "Goonies II" for the NES (the only Goonies game released for the system in the US) back in the day... one question always remained: "What the heck ever happened to Goonies I?" The answer is that it simply never made it to (more...)
Nintendo, 1986 - Arcade - Licensed
The object of the game was for Popeye to collect a certain number of items (24 hearts, 16 musical notes, the letters in the word "help" - depending on the level) while avoiding The Sea Hag, Brutus (Brutus was the character's name in the King (more...)
Knight Rider
Acclaim, 1989 - Racing - Licensed
Terrorists are running rampant all over the United States of America and only a man and his robotic car can stop them from taking over. However, the game is very difficult to play and there is also a DRIVE mode that allows players to go on a Sunday drive (more...)
Ultima III: Exodus
FCI, 1989 - Role Playing - Licensed
The story of Exodus centers on a quest (back in Sosaria) to destroy the final remnant of the evil Mondain and Minax. Exodus features revolutionary graphics for its time, being the first computer RPG to feature animated characters. Also, Exodus differs fro (more...)
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