Little League Baseball: Championship Series
United States
Published by: SNK, 1990 | Developed by: SNK
Genre: Baseball | Licensed
You get your choice of 16 teams to play, eight domestic teams and eight foreign teams from Asia and Europe. In One-Player mode you play the computer in an international tournament. For Two Players, you each have a squad in the tourney. All games are seven (more...)
Nintendo, 1990 - Fighting - Licensed
When the contract licensing the use of Mike Tyson's name in the console version expired, Nintendo removed Mike Tyson from the game re-releasing it as Punch-Out!! Otherwise, this release is exactly the same as the original release "Mike Tyson' (more...)
Casino Kid II
Sofel, 1993 - Cards/Casino - Licensed
A mystery person has organized an International Gambling Competition. He or she wants to challenge the U.S. Champion, Casino Kid. Before Kid can play Mr. or Ms. X, he will have to travel through out the world and beat the best gamblers in the world. Play (more...)
Bases Loaded 3
Jaleco, 1991 - Baseball - Licensed
While Jaleco did hire famed baseball player Ryne Sandberg for an endorsement, this installment of the game did not feature real teams or players. More unpopular with players, however, was the somewhat bizarre premise that "playing a perfect game" (more...)
A player's goal is to shoot and kill everything that there is on the screen, both animated characters and inanimate elements of the background. There are four unique screens detailing various horror scenarios and settings. For each screen, shooting al (more...)
Mario Bros.
Nintendo, 1986 - Arcade - Licensed
Mario Bros. is a 2D side-view platform game. There is only one screen; the platforms have the same position for the entire game. The goal for each phase is to "kick off all the pests". Mario or Luigi can run right and left, and jump. The players (more...)
8 Eyes
Taxan, 1990 - Action - Licensed
After hundreds of years of chaos, mankind has finally emerged from the ruins of a nuclear war. This world of the distant future has once again come to flourish under the guidance of the Great King, who has harnessed the power of the 8 Eyes to rebuild the (more...)
G.I. Joe: The Atlantis Factor
Capcom, 1992 - Action - Licensed
Cobra has raised the sunken island of Atlantis. They are using it as a base to control a space-based weapon and train a nearly indestructible army. You must direct the elite forces of G.I. Joe through the base and halt Cobra's plans. Along, the way, y (more...)
New Ghostbusters 2
HAL, 1992 - Action - Licensed
Released only in the UK, Japan, France, Spain, Australia, and parts of Asia, this title was never released in the US market. Hard times have befallen the Ghostbusters. Although they saved New York from a rampage of evil spirits, a series of unfortunate ev (more...)
Joe and Mac
Data East, 1993 - Platform - Licensed
Back in the day when dinosaurs ruled the world, there were two cavemen named Joe and Mac. Life was pretty good for these guys until a group of Neanderthals scared all of the women away. Choose to play as either Joe or Mac, and try to club your way through (more...)
Quattro Adventure
Camerica, 1993 - Adventure - Unlicensed
The Boomerang Kid must retrieve all of his boomerangs scattered throughout the outback. Super Robin Hood must fight his way through Nottingham Castle while avoiding a multitude of traps to successfully rescue Maid Marian. Treasure Island Dizzy: Dizzy find (more...)
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