Skate Or Die 2: The Search for Double Trouble
United States
Published by: Electronic Arts, 1990 | Developed by: Electronic Arts
Genre: Adventure | Licensed
Skate or Die 2: The Search for Double Trouble is a side scrolling game, though the player can retrace his steps and return to areas he has seen before. The hero has a variety of skateboarding moves and weapons at his disposal, the controls for which can b (more...)
Skate or Die
Ultra, 1988 - Sports, Other - Licensed
The game featured two ramp events, the freestyle ramp and the high jump, two downhill events, the downhill race (in a park setting) and the downhill jam (in a street setting), and the pool joust. The pool joust, downhill jam, and the downhill race (in two (more...)
Burai Fighter
Taxan, 1990 - Shooter - Licensed
The Burai, a race of evil super-brain aliens, have launched their plan to conquer the universe with their army of half-organic, half-robot creatures -- the robo-mutants. It's up to you to stop them! Strap on your jet pack, and get ready to become the (more...)
Dragon Fighter
Sofel, 1992 - Action - Licensed
Zabbaong has unleashed a hoard of enemies on the land of Baljing. The countries protector, the Dragon Spirit, has summoned a powerful warrior to defeat Zabbaong's minions. Take control of the warrior as he battles through six stages filled with robots (more...)
Flying Dragon: The Secret Scroll
Culture Brain, 1988 - Action - Licensed
Flying Dragon was an NES game released for by Culture Brain in 1989, where the player controlled a martial artist trying to recover magical scrolls stolen by the evil Tusk Soldiers. It was afforded a nominal sequel with Flying Warriors. (more...)
HAL, 1988 - Arcade - Licensed
The player controls an archer at the bottom of the screen. The player's objective is to destroy the millipede chain that begins at the top of the screen. There are mushrooms scattered around the playing field, which must be shot to be destroyed. When (more...)
Bill Elliott's NASCAR Challenge
Konami, 1991 - Racing - Licensed
Bill Elliott's NASCAR Challenge is a simulation of the NASCAR Winston Cup circuit, and thus operates like a racing game. The gameplay action was always through an in-car perspective. Players could chose to run single races at each track, or run for th (more...)
Pinball Quest
Jaleco, 1990 - Pinball - Licensed
Pinball Quest is a pinball game for the Nintendo Entertainment System. It has a number of conventional themed tables, but the main feature of the game is RPG Mode. The pinball is a character advancing through pinball fields with courtyard and castle setti (more...)
Vic Tokai, 1990 - Strategy - Licensed
Conflict is an NES war game where the player is a three-star general who must accompany his troops to the ultimate victory. Like in the real army, the player can earn or lose victory points by occupying cities and destroying units of the opponent's ar (more...)
M.C. Kids
Mick and Mack are the two hippest kids in McDonaldland how they got there, nobody knows! But after the Hamburglar makes off with Ronald's magic bag, it's up to the M.C. Kids to retrieve it. You'll come face-to-face with bad guys like Goferit a (more...)
Monster Truck Rally
INTV, 1991 - Racing - Licensed
The object of the MONSTER TRUCK RALLY is to score as high as you can against up to three human or computer controlled opponents. Scores are determined by how quickly you navigate as well as other factors (sled pull distance, number of cars crushed). Or, r (more...)
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