Galactic Crusader
United States
Published by: Bunch Games, 1990 | Developed by: Joy Van
Genre: Shooter | Unlicensed
Galactic Crusader is a fairly standard shooter, except for the low production value that is the hallmark of most unlicensed NES titles from Bunch Games, Wisdom Tree and others. (more...)
Irem, 1987 - Shooter - Licensed
The player is given the pink submarine, Sqoon, and must use it to destroy the aliens and rescue captured human survivors while trying to avoid coming into contact with enemies and running out of fuel. To accomplish this, Sqoon is equipped with missiles to (more...)
Fester's Quest
Sunsoft, 1989 - Adventure - Licensed
Assuming the role of Uncle Fester, the player finds himself/herself on a quest to save the Addams' town from the threat of space aliens. Fester is armed with a weak gun at first, but various power-ups are gradually gained in an effort to strengthen th (more...)
Jurassic Park
Ocean, 1993 - Action - Licensed
JURASSIC PARK starts just after the T-Rex pushes the visitor's van into a pit. You play the role of Dr. Alan Grant, so you have to find Tim and Lex, take them to the visitor's center and get everybody out of the island. But this time it won't (more...)
Operation Wolf
Taito, 1989 - Light Gun - Licensed
A group of desperate terrorists is keeping hostages in their jungle fortress. As a member of the elite tactical squad Operation Wolf, you must invade their hideout, destroy their operations, and get the hostages out alive! Maneuver through a series of mis (more...)
Activision, 1989 - Board Game - Licensed
While the board is similar to a chess board and the various pieces are similarly designed to have various offsetting abilities, when one piece attempts to take another the removal of the targeted piece is not automatic. Instead, the two chess pieces are p (more...)
Panic Restaurant
Taito, 1992 - Platform - Licensed
In PANIC RESTAURANT, you play the role of Cookie, a skilled chef who owns the popular and successful Eaten Restaurant. But when a jealous chef named Ohdove steals the restaurant, you decide to steal it back before your business is ruined. But something ve (more...)
Ufouria: The Saga
Sunsoft, 1991 - Adventure - Licensed
Four friends: Bop-Louie, Freeon-Leeon, Gil, and Shades, each of a different species live in a world named Ufouria. The characters stumble upon a crater, into which all but Bop-Louie falls. Bop-Louie climbs in, but blanks out. He awakes with amnesia and mu (more...)
Mike Tyson's Intergalactic Power Punch
Retrozone, 2009 - Fighting - Prototype
Mike Tyson's Intergalactic Power Punch was set to be the NES follow-up to the original Mike Tyson version of Punch-Out!! In this game, however, Mike Tyson would have been the protagonist. Unfortunately, at some point, the project took a left hook and (more...)
City Connection
Jaleco, 1988 - Arcade - Licensed
The main character in the game is a driver on a tour of all the sights and roads across the world. To prove that he has visited a particular location, he must drive around the location painting every section of the road white. However, the police, who hav (more...)
Touchdown Fever
SNK, 1991 - Football - Licensed
Touchdown Fever is an arcade football game from SNK. Go head-to-head against the computer or a human opponent, or team up with another human player vs. the computer. Choose five, ten, or fifteen minute quarters for either league match (single game) or tou (more...)
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