Published by: Retrozone, 2010 | Developed by: Tom Livak
Genre: Puzzle | Homebrew
Based on Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords, GemVenture is similar puzzle g (more...)
Guardian Legend, The
Broderbund, 1988 - Adventure - Licensed
In The Guardian Legend, the player takes control of the guardian of Earth, a "highly sophisticated aerobot transformer". It is the guardian's mission to infiltrate Naju, a spaceship the size of a planet which is hurtling towards the Earth. W (more...)
Sudoku 2007
Retrozone, 2007 - Puzzle - Homebrew
The first production NES game pak released in years, thanks to Retrozone! From creator Al Bailey, Sudoku 2007 is an NES version of the classic Sudoku logic puzzle. Start by selecting a difficulty level or puzzle number. Easy to use controls allow you to q (more...)
Desert Commander
Kemco, 1989 - Strategy - Licensed
Somewhere in a nameless desert, two opposing nameless armies take to the battlefield to destroy the other. Through the strategy of their commanders and the diversity of their units, each side seeks to gain the advantage over the other. There are 5 campaig (more...)
Family Feud
Gametek, 1991 - Game Show - Licensed
Let the feud begin the FAMILY FEUD, that is. Join host Louie Anderson and try to find the most popular answer to open-ended survey questions. Try to keep from getting three strikes, which gives the opposition a chance to steal the round. Whoever gets to 3 (more...)
Double Dragon II: The Revenge
Acclaim, 1990 - Action - Licensed
Double Dragon II drops the rescue premise of the original game in favor of a revenge theme (hence the subtitle). Whereas in the original game, Marian was merely kidnapped, in the sequel she is shot to death by Black Warriors' leader Willy right in the (more...)
Jaleco, 1992 - Arcade - Licensed
Attack, Defend, Fortify, Rebuild or perish! Your castle is under siege from invading hordes of evil knights and men-at-arms. Cannons and catapults. You blast away with everything you've got, then pick up the pieces and rebuild your walls before the ne (more...)
Hudson Soft, 1989 - Arcade - Licensed
The general goal throughout the series is to complete the levels by strategically placing bombs in order to kill enemies and destroy obstacles. Exploding bombs can set off other bombs, kill or injure enemies and destroy obstacles. However, they can also k (more...)
Konami, 1988 - Action - Licensed
In Jackal, the player(s) controls an armed jeep, which must venture through several enemy strongholds(要塞) to rescue comrades imprisoned by the enemy. In each of the six levels, the goal is to rescue prisoners of war from various buildings and then tra (more...)
Bomberman II
Hudson Soft, 1993 - Arcade - Licensed
Get ready for big blasts and split second timing in BOMBERMAN II. You must seek and destroy every enemy that inhabits each level. Luckily, you have an unlimited number of bombs that can be set to blast the baddie. Destroy the enemies in each level; more t (more...)
Bo Jackson Baseball
Data East, 1991 - Baseball - Licensed
Bo knows baseball and he proves it with BO JACKSON BASEBALL. You are in complete control of all the action on the field. Choose from one of 15 different pitches and take care of the fielding. When your team is at bat, you can choose the batting strategy i (more...)
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