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Sunday Funday: The Ride
United States
Published by: Wisdom Tree, 1995 | Developed by: Color Dreams
Genre: Religious | Unlicensed
Sunday Funday is a video game that was released for the Nintendo Entertainment System by Wisdom Tree, formerly a subsidiary label of Color Dreams, in 1995. The game was the last to be released by any company for the American NES. Like all Wisdom Tree (more...)
Activision, 1990 - Shooter - Licensed
Each of the pilots have been assigned a particular ship, but only DR. BRAIN can visualize the global extent of HOOD's plants - and even he can't comprehend the full dimensions of the scheme. But as DR. BRAIN determines the targets of HOOD's (more...)
Marble Madness
Milton Bradley, 1989 - Puzzle - Licensed
While Marble Madness is a fairly short game, with victorious plays through its six levels rarely lasting longer than five minutes, its high degree of challenge and charming theme, sound and graphics made it a hit. A small assortment of enemies are (more...)
Play Action Football
Nintendo, 1990 - Football - Wii (US) - Licensed
This game was highly impressive for its time. It allowed players to choose from ten real teams from various cities, and each team featured all the actual players that were currently playing for them. The game used an isometric view, presenting the game (more...)
Happy Camper
NGD, 2009 - Adventure - Prototype
It was supposed to be a relaxing weekend away from everything. "Getting back to nature" sounded good when you decided to go camping, and the "Happy Campground" sounded like the perfect place to relax. Your grandfather's old tent (more...)
Data East, 1989 - Action - Licensed
The game captures the spirit of the RoboCop film to some degree, as it involves killing generic criminals and enemy bosses, like the dangerous ED-209. Being quite popular, RoboCop was followed by several sequels including RoboCop 2, RoboCop 3, and (more...)
D-Pad Hero 2
D-Pad Hero is a series of homebrew rhythm/music games. The series pays homage to the developer's favorite NES games and popular music artists. It's their vision of what music games might have been like in the NES heyday, and now you can (more...)
Power Punch II
You're Mark Tyler, and by the year 2006, you've successfully defended your Heavyweight title nine times. In order to determine the best boxer in the universe, the Intergalactic Boxing Federation has invited you to participate in a tournament (more...)
StarTropics II: Zoda's Revenge
Zoda's Revenge runs through nine chapters, although the first is story-only. Each chapter besides the first takes place in a different time and place and holds one or more bosses, multiple areas, many weapons, medicine, obstacles and puzzles. And (more...)
Sky Kid
Sunsoft, 1987 - Shooter - Wii (US) - Licensed
Sky Kid is a two-dimensional, scrolling shooter type of game. The players play as the Sky Kids (called "Red Baron" and "Blue Max" on the flyer.) The Sky Kids fly around in biplanes and are assigned specific targets during the (more...)
Bad Street Brawler
Mattel, 1989 - Power Glove - Licensed
Specifically designed for use with the Nintendo Power Glove. The player plays the character, Duke Davis, who walks around with blond hair, a yellow tank top, sunglasses, and yellow pants as he beats up gangsters that get in his way. He is described as a (more...)
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