Quattro Adventure
United States
Published by: Camerica, 1993 | Developed by: Codemasters
Genre: Adventure | Unlicensed| AKA: Super Adventure Quests
The Boomerang Kid must retrieve all of his boomerangs scattered throughout the outback. Super Robin Hood must fight his way through Nottingham Castle while avoiding a multitude of traps to successfully rescue Maid Marian. Treasure Island Dizzy: Dizzy find (more...)
Myriad 6-in-1
Myriad, 0000 - Arcade - Unlicensed
The six games on the cartridge are: Bookyman (A clone of Williams Electronics and Kural's arcade game Make Trax/Crush Roller), Adam and Eve (A single-screen platform game similar to Nintendo's Balloon Fight, in which yo (more...)
In Shockwave you need to retrieve powerful crystals left behind by the Tarian race. The Rastons are after the crystals also, which places a short time limit on the mission. You are armed only with a spacesuit and a shockwave pistol. To retrieve the crysta (more...)
Metal Gear
Ultra, 1988 - Action - Licensed
The player must navigate the main character (codenamed "Solid Snake") through various locations, while avoiding visual contact and direct confrontation with patrolling guards. If the player is seen, the game enters the "Alert Mode." In (more...)
Konami, 1987 - Shooter - Licensed
Unlike its predecessor, Moero! Twinbee has horizontal shooter levels in addition to the vertical ones. The horizontal levels were the odd-numbered stages and basically, are like the vertical levels, with a different orientation (as opposed to other horizo (more...)
Top Gun: The Second Mission
Konami, 1990 - Simulation - Licensed
So you think you're hot stuff because you single-handedly won the war for us in the Persian Gulf? Well, that's going to feel like it was child's play after you get a look at your next mission. In TOP GUN: The Second Mission, you'll be goin (more...)
Star Trek: 25th Anniversary
Ultra, 1992 - Adventure - Licensed
Star Trek: 25th Anniversary is a video game that was developed by Konami and published by Ultra Games for the Nintendo Entertainment System. The game was later ported to the Game Boy under the name Star Trek. It begins as the Enterprise is approaching the (more...)
Motor City Patrol
Matchbox, 1992 - Arcade - Licensed
A simple, top-down driving game where you play a patrol officer in a city police force. You progressively take down bigger bad guys by chasing them down and shooting at them. The gameplay is a precursor to the first Grand Theft Auto games, developed later (more...)
Whomp 'Em
Jaleco, 1991 - Platform - Licensed
Whomp 'Em is an action platformer, akin to many games at the time. It is notable for being one of the few video games to feature a Native American as the protagonist. After completing the first stage, the player can play the other six in any order. Ea (more...)
Spiritual Warfare
Wisdom Tree, 1992 - Religious - Unlicensed
Spiritual Warfare is an unlicensed game for the Nintendo Entertainment System, developed by Color Dreams and released through its Wisdom Tree label in 1992. A Sega Mega Drive version was released in 1994 with an enhanced 16-bit color palette. It is a reli (more...)
F1 Race
Nintendo, 1984 - Racing - Licensed
F1 Race was the very first racing game released for the Family Computer, developed by Nintendo. Quite similar to Pole Position, the success of this game in the Famicom's early years may ultimately be responsible for the complete absence of a Pole Posi (more...)
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