United States
Published by: Vic Tokai, 1990 | Developed by: Vic Tokai
Genre: Strategy | Licensed
Conflict is an NES war game where the player is a three-star general who must accompany his troops to the ultimate victory. Like in the real army, the player can earn or lose victory points by occupying cities and destroying units of the opponent's ar (more...)
Taito, 1988 - Action - Licensed
In Renegade, the player controls a nameless thug who fights a variety of street gangs on his way to save his girlfriend. Unlike other similar games like Double Dragon and Final Fight, the playfield is limited to one two-screen-wide area (a subway platform (more...)
Super Mario Bros. 2 - The Lost Levels
Nintendo, 1986 - Platform - Licensed
Originally released in Japan as Super Mario Bros. 2, this game has previously made only brief cameo appearances in the Western Hemisphere. Now available on the Virtual Console in all of its original splendor, Mario fans will appreciate the familiar look a (more...)
Moon Ranger
Bunch Games, 1990 - Shooter - Unlicensed
Our beautiful moon, the spotlight of romantic evenings, the subject of ancient myths, the summoner of creatures of the night, is home to an evil secret. Long ago an alien civilization placed a gigantic dormant space craft on its surface. This space craft (more...)
Thrilla's Surfari - T and C II
LJN, 1992 - Sports, Other - Licensed
The superior sequel to T and C Surf Designs: Wood & Water... More Rage, T and C Surf Designs: Thrilla's Surfari puts players in the role of Thrilla, a surfing, skateboarding ape on a mission to rescue his girlfriend, who has been kidnapped and taken t (more...)
Jeopardy! Super
Gametek, 1991 - Game Show - Licensed
In the Jeopardy! Round, point values ranged from 200 to 1000, with one Daily Double on the board. The Double Jeopardy! Round had clues worth from 500 to 2500 points, with two Daily Doubles hidden on the board. As in the regular show, the game ended with t (more...)
Quattro Adventure
Camerica, 1993 - Adventure - Unlicensed
The Boomerang Kid must retrieve all of his boomerangs scattered throughout the outback. Super Robin Hood must fight his way through Nottingham Castle while avoiding a multitude of traps to successfully rescue Maid Marian. Treasure Island Dizzy: Dizzy find (more...)
Pro Sport Hockey
Jaleco, 1993 - Sports, Other - Licensed
PRO SPORT HOCKEY brings the action of professional hockey to your living room without the flooding and freezing. There are 24 teams loaded with 288 real NHLPA players. After you choose a team, you can create lines for any purpose including scoring, checki (more...)
Back to the Future II and III
LJN, 1990 - Platform - Licensed
The game is a standard platformer with similarities to Super Mario Bros., where the player, as time traveller Marty McFly, defeats enemies by jumping on them or throwing projectiles, and collects icons in order to successfully clear each stage. The first (more...)
Mindscape, 1988 - Arcade - Licensed
The paperboy begins his route at the start of the street (bottom of the screen) and progresses towards the end. The player can control the paperboy's speed: faster delivery earns a higher score. But the paperboy is in constant movement and cannot stop (more...)
Legend of Kage, The
Taito, 1987 - Action - Licensed
The Legend of Kage (Kage no Densetsu in Japan) is an 1985 arcade game by Taito and was released for several contemporary home computer systems the year after. The object is for a ninja named Kage to rescue Princess Kiri from mystical villains. Kage must f (more...)
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