Destination Earthstar
United States
Published by: Acclaim, 1990 | Developed by: Imagineering
Genre: Simulation | Licensed
Two centuries ago, an alien species known as the Kojans kidnapped the people of Earth and made them their slaves. But the Earthlings never gave hope of returning to their homeland. So they sent you, a brave space ship pilot, to travel through the galaxy i (more...)
Bee 52
Camerica, 1992 - Action - Unlicensed
The player controls Bee 52, a honeybee with large eyes and a fly-like sucker for a mouth, through which it can spit projectiles at enemies. The game is played through 12 levels, the first four in a backyard, the next four in a swamp, and the last four ins (more...)
Taito, 1991 - Platform - Licensed
The hero of the game is a young jungle-man named Toki. One day the evil wizard Dr. Stark kidnaps his girlfriend Wanda. When Toki tries to save her, he is turned into a monkey! Now Toki has to find Dr. Stark in his palace, to rescue Wanda, and to become a (more...)
LJN, 1993 - Action - Licensed
Alien3 is video game based on the movie sequel of the same name. The plot of the movie picks up directly after the end of Aliens. Ellen Ripley, the main character of the Alien series, is in cryo-sleep aboard the space ship Sulaco. Unfortunately, an alien (more...)
Chunkout 2
Retrozone, 2008 - Puzzle - Homebrew
Classic tile deleting fun - can you get a Chunkout? Starting with a random layout of colored tiles, obliterate large chunks of the same color and shape to score big! By strategically removing smaller quantities of tiles you can create bigger and better sc (more...)
Over Horizon
Hot B, 1991 - Shooter - Licensed
Never released in the North American region, Over Horizon is a side-scrolling shooter well worthy of import. The ship's weapons can be fired in both forward and backward. Weapon pickups enable the ship with different weapons and you can gain up to two (more...)
Elevator Action
Taito, 1987 - Arcade - Licensed
The player assumes the role of a spy who infiltrates a building filled with elevators. He must collect secret documents from the building and traverse the 30 levels of the building using an increasingly complex series of elevators. The player is pursued b (more...)
Terminator 2: Judgement Day
LJN, 1992 - Action - Licensed
Skynet wiped out 3 billion lives on August 29th 1997, you can change history If you believe in NO FATE! WAR AGAINST THE MACHINES. Your mission begins in the future As John Connor. You must destroy Skynet defenses and send a reprogrammed T-800 terminator b (more...)
TMNT III: The Manhattan Project
Konami, 1992 - Action - Licensed
This game, like the previous, was a scrolling fighting game. It can be played with one or two players. The 2 player game has 2 modes: in mode A the players can hurt each other, while in mode B they cannot. In the game, the players move forward, fighting S (more...)
Code Name: Viper
Capcom, 1990 - Action - Licensed
Code Name: Viper is a NES action game where the player has to go to South America under the command of an Army commander in order to bust up a commando army. But in the end, the player realizes that the commander is corrupt and he ends up killing his supe (more...)
Caesar's Palace
This game allows you to play in the Caesar's Palace casino. You wonder around the casino and play poker, roulette, or slot machines. You bet and win chips and then exchange them for money whenever you like. The interaction is done via a cursor, everyt (more...)
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