United States
Published by: Hot B, 1990 | Developed by: Hot B / Taito (Arcade)
Genre: Puzzle | Licensed
Palamedes is a simplistic Tetris-like game for the NES and Game Boy game systems requiring the player to match the dice they are holding to the dice on top of the screen. Using the "B" button, the player can change the number on his dice, then t (more...)
Space Shuttle Project
Absolute, 1991 - Simulation - Licensed
Carry out all of the pre-flight checks, get situated, and prepare for the flight of your life. You'll journey through six unique outer space missions each more treacherous than the last. In SPACE SHUTTLE PROJECT you'll take space walks, rescue mav (more...)
Captain Comic: The Adventure
Color Dreams, 1989 - Platform - Unlicensed
In the game, the player takes control of Captain Comic, who is on a mission to the planet Tambi, to recover three treasures stolen from the planet Omsoc. Captain Comic is a standard platformer, in which the player has health, lives, a score, and a set of (more...)
Terminator 2: Judgement Day
LJN, 1992 - Action - Licensed
Skynet wiped out 3 billion lives on August 29th 1997, you can change history If you believe in NO FATE! WAR AGAINST THE MACHINES. Your mission begins in the future As John Connor. You must destroy Skynet defenses and send a reprogrammed T-800 terminator b (more...)
Sesame Street 123
This math learning title includes 2 games: Astro-Grover: Children play with Grover and the Zips from planet Zap by counting, adding, and subtracting Zips to help improve basic math skills. Ernie's Magic Shapes: Children work with Ernie to practice mat (more...)
Legends of the Diamond
Bandai, 1992 - Baseball - Licensed
Legends of the Diamond is a Nintendo Entertainment System game that features legends of the baseball world including Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig, among others. There is exhibition mode as well as tournament mode, that can be loaded with passwords. Each playe (more...)
Baseball Stars II
Romstar, 1992 - Baseball - Licensed
BASEBALL STARS II recreates all of the action in professional baseball. Choose to play as one of 18 teams six can be customized as they battle for the league pennant in four different stadiums. To get the perfect set of players for a championship run, you (more...)
Circus Caper
Toho, 1990 - Platform - Licensed
The single-player, side-scrolling action game takes you through various levels, each with a circus theme, fighting various enemies and bosses until you finally defeat the ring master and save your sister. You start out in the game with little life, and fe (more...)
Mindscape, 1990 - Racing - Licensed
The object of the game is to complete all 50 rallies without running out of fuel. There is no limit to how many vehicles a player can receive to complete a rally, as long as they have fuel. However, the destruction of a vehicle will subtract a small amoun (more...)
Galaxy 5000: Racing in the 51st Century
Activision, 1991 - Racing - Licensed
Galaxy 5000 is an isometric-perspective space racing game where 4 spaceships compete head to head in outer space races. 1 or 2 human players can compete in the races; the rest of the ships are controlled by the computer. The ships complete several laps ar (more...)
Super Mario Bros. 2
Nintendo, 1988 - Platform - Licensed
This title was originally a non-mario title in Japan named Dream Factory: Doki Doki Panic that Nintendo bought the rights to modify and re-release in the US and Europe as SMB2. Some elemen (more...)
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