Championship Bowling
United States
Published by: Romstar, 1989 | Developed by: Athena Co.
Genre: Sports, Other | Licensed
The object of the game is the same as a regular game of bowling; score the highest to win. The game utilizes factors such as left or right-handedness, spin, power, and weight of the ball, which can affect the outcome of a throw. (more...)
Day Dreamin' Davey
HAL, 1992 - Action - Licensed
Set off on an adventure through time with DAY DREAMIN' DAVEY. Go into the past to challenge the Cyclops of ancient Greece. Visit Merlin the Magician to learn a variety of spells. When you have gotten through all of the historical areas, prepare for th (more...)
Kirby's Adventure
Nintendo, 1993 - Platform - Licensed
Like most other Kirby games, Kirby's Adventure is a platformer, or a side-scrolling game. Kirby has six hit points; this means Kirby can sustain up to six attacks from enemies before he dies and loses a life. If he loses all of his lives, the game is (more...)
Top Gun: The Second Mission
Konami, 1990 - Simulation - Licensed
So you think you're hot stuff because you single-handedly won the war for us in the Persian Gulf? Well, that's going to feel like it was child's play after you get a look at your next mission. In TOP GUN: The Second Mission, you'll be goin (more...)
Tengen, 1989 - Action - Unlicensed
The five missions in the game are each three or four stages long. Anywhere from 2-9 hostages are being held in each stage; Joe must rescue all of them before he is allowed to finish the stage. The last stage in each mission has no hostages, but instead fe (more...)
Rocketeer, The
Bandai, 1991 - Action - Licensed
While The Rocketeer is based on the movie of the same name; this game is sort of an unofficial sequel to the film. While in his hometown to perform for his friends and family, Cliff Secord's (the Rocketeer) girlfriend Jenny Blake is kidnapped b (more...)
Koei, 1992 - Strategy - Licensed
6 magicians were liberated from the gem that imprisoned them. All of them choose a leader of the land of Isheria to control the world. You could select one of these leaders and try to accomplish your goals in GEMFIRE. 2D; turn-based strategy; use magic an (more...)
Kickle Cubicle
Irem, 1990 - Puzzle - Licensed
The gameplay of Kickle Cubicle is very similar to the Adventures of Lolo puzzle series. Kickle has ice-cold breath which can freeze some enemies into ice blocks. The resulting ice blocks can then be kicked across the screen to solve puzzles. Kickle can al (more...)
Friday The 13th
LJN, 1989 - Adventure - Licensed
The player starts the game by picking which camp counselor he/she wants to control. Each of the counselors is stationed in a different cabin across the map, and they have certain strengths and weaknesses, most prominently in terms of their speed and how h (more...)
Nightmare on Elm Street
LJN, 1990 - Adventure - Licensed
In the game the player (and up to three other players with a special adapter) controlled a character that has to jump and punch his way through various Elm Street locations and homes to collect all of the bones of Freddy Krueger in order to place them in (more...)
M.C. Kids
Mick and Mack are the two hippest kids in McDonaldland how they got there, nobody knows! But after the Hamburglar makes off with Ronald's magic bag, it's up to the M.C. Kids to retrieve it. You'll come face-to-face with bad guys like Goferit a (more...)
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