Venice Beach Volleyball
United States
Published by: American Video, 1991 | Developed by: Idea-tek
Genre: Sports, Other | Unlicensed
Venice Beach Volleyball is an action volleyball game which can be played one player against the computer, two players against the computer, or two players against each other. There are three difficulty levels for the game, and you can choose from four dif (more...)
10-Yard Fight
Nintendo, 1985 - Football - Licensed
American Football, the intense game where muscle, brains, and passion collide... brought to lifelike realistic action, for the first time on your Nintendo Entertainment System. Well... sort of. Whether playing alone, or watching, you can't help but be (more...)
Conan: The Mysteries of Time
Mindscape, 1991 - Adventure - Licensed
You are Conan, the mighty barbarian warrior. You must claim your destiny... the throne of Aquilonia. To do this, you must prove your worthiness by returning the four burial urns of the Early Kings of Aquilonia to their proper resting place. Your journey w (more...)
HAL, 1988 - Arcade - Licensed
The player takes the role of a knight with a lance, mounted on an ostrich, battling waves of computer-controlled enemy knights. The enemy knights have three different speed and agility levels and are mounted on large, vulture-like creatures of their own. (more...)
Arcadia, 1990 - Board Game - Licensed
A puzzle game loosely featuring licensing from the 7Up soft drink. The gameplay involves up to 4 players, which can be either human or computer, each taking on spots of a particular colour. Starting from opposite corners, they take it in turns to move, ei (more...)
Ultra, 1989 - Shooter - Licensed
Gyruss is very similar to Galaga in it's basic concept. However, the game is presented in a forced 3D perspective akin to "Tempest". The player's ship faces into the center of the screen is able to move around the perimeter of an implici (more...)
Rad Gravity, The Adventures of
Activision, 1990 - Adventure - Licensed
The Adventures of Rad Gravity was a game for the Nintendo Entertainment System published by Activision in 1990. It was developed by Interplay Productions. The game was a platformer with a wacky storyline in which the eponymous main character explored mult (more...)
Bases Loaded II: Second Season
Jaleco, 1990 - Baseball - Licensed
Like its predecessor, Bases Loaded II offers both a single-game mode and a single-player "pennant race" mode. In the "pennant race", a player must first achieve at least a 75-55 record during the regular season, then win a best-of-7 &q (more...)
Last Ninja, The
Jaleco, 1991 - Adventure - Licensed
The Last Ninja contains a blend of exploration, puzzle solving and combat. The object of the game is to journey to the palace of the evil Shogun Kunitoki to destroy him and retrieve the sacred scrolls. As the player progresses, Kunitoki's henchmen bec (more...)
Adventures of Lolo 3
HAL, 1991 - Puzzle - Licensed
Some time after King Egger's latest defeat, the country of Eden was at peace. One day, when Lolo and Lala are taking a break, King Egger (or his descendant according to the English manual) comes into a town and uses some magic to turn all the inhabita (more...)
Wizardry: Knight of Diamonds
Ascii, 1992 - Role Playing - Licensed
You are charged with the task of navigating through a six-level maze that's filled with unknown enemies and unspeakable evil. As you lead your group of warriors, wizards, clerics, and thieves through the dungeons, you'll gain experience points, tr (more...)
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