Super Mario Bros. 2 - The Lost Levels
Nintendo Famicom
Published by: Nintendo, 1986 | Developed by: Nintendo
Genre: Platform | Licensed
Originally released in Japan as Super Mario Bros. 2, this game has previously made only brief cameo appearances in the Western Hemisphere. Now available on the Virtual Console in all of its original splendor, Mario fans will appreciate the familiar look a (more...)
Gauntlet II
Mindscape, 1990 - Arcade - Licensed
The biggest difference from the original game is that each player can now choose his class, instead of being limited to a particular one for each joystick. Thus, instead of having a "warrior" or a "wizard" (for instance), in Gauntlet 2 (more...)
Tengen, 1989 - Action - Unlicensed
The five missions in the game are each three or four stages long. Anywhere from 2-9 hostages are being held in each stage; Joe must rescue all of them before he is allowed to finish the stage. The last stage in each mission has no hostages, but instead fe (more...)
You are alone on a beautiful tropical beach, palm trees sway in the warm summer breeze. The songs of a thousand exotic birds fill the air. You don't have a worry in the world. Just kick back and get ready to experience one of the most popular card gam (more...)
Balloon Fight
Nintendo, 1986 - Arcade - Licensed
In Balloon Fight, the player controls a Balloon Fighter who flies around with two balloons on his back. The object of the game is to defeat all of the enemies in each level by popping the balloon on their backs. When the balloon is popped, the enemy will (more...)
Times of Lore
Toho, 1991 - Role Playing - Licensed
Years ago the High King Valwyn of Albareth exhausted himself keeping invaders out of his kingdom. After many battles, the King left on a journey to visit his homeland and get some rest. It's several years later, the King is still away, and the kingdom (more...)
Dusty Diamond All-Star Softball
Broderbund, 1990 - Baseball - Licensed
Dusty Diamond's All-Star Softball is a one- or two-player NES game where players can pick and choose various fictional softball players and customize their own team to take to the championship. The player can even pick a letter out of the alphabet to (more...)
Baseball Simulator 1,000
The player can either control a normal baseball team or a special baseball team with secret hitting and pitching plays to boost their chances of winning. There is an exhibition mode, a regular season mode, and a team edit mode that allows the player to ma (more...)
Lunar Pool
FCI, 1987 - Arcade - Licensed
Lunar Pool takes the historical game of billiards and reinvents it with a unique and futuristic flair. The rules are simple: All you need to do is use your cue stick to hit the white cue ball, causing it to hit the other numbered balls and make them go in (more...)
Ninja Crusaders
American Sammy, 1990 - Action - Licensed
A ninja-oriented combat game in the vein of Ninja Gaiden and Shinobi, Ninja Crusaders is a standard entry in the genre that's noteworthy for its two-player simultaneous play and the main characters' ability to transform into a tiger, eagle, dragon (more...)
Flying Warriors
Culture Brain, 1991 - Action - Licensed
The game features combat in a variety of formats, such as kicking and using fireballs to repel monsters in scrolling stages, a system during one-on-one duels against Tusk Soldiers or a pair of martial arts tournaments where the player must attack a mark t (more...)
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