Mr. Gimmick!
Nintendo Famicom
Published by: Sunsoft, 1992 | Developed by: Authentic Entertainment
Genre: Platform | Licensed
In the introduction animation, a young girl receives a gimmick doll named Yumetarō (ゆめたろー) for a birthday present. She quickly favors the new doll over her previous toys who, jealous over abandonment, kidnap her and hold her captive in an alter (more...)
Bee 52
Camerica, 1992 - Action - Unlicensed
The player controls Bee 52, a honeybee with large eyes and a fly-like sucker for a mouth, through which it can spit projectiles at enemies. The game is played through 12 levels, the first four in a backyard, the next four in a swamp, and the last four ins (more...)
Krion Conquest, The
Vic Tokai, 1991 - Platform - Licensed
In The Krion Conquest, you assume the role of a sorceress... More named Francesca as she attempts to drive away the Krions who have conquered Earth. Through all five rounds of the game (each with three stages), you'll use your six types of magic to de (more...)
Ninja Gaiden
Tecmo, 1989 - Action - Licensed
Ryu Hayabusa of the Dragon Ninja Clan finds a letter from his father, Ken Hayabusa, explaining that he was leaving for a duel with some unknown warrior. The letter claimed that, should he not return, Ryu was to take the Dragon Sword, a mystical weapon and (more...)
Battletoads and Double Dragon
Tradewest, 1993 - Action - Licensed
The game presents the characters from the famous series Double Dragon, Billy and Jimmy - two young martial arts experts. Also included are three humanoid toads from the Battletoads game. The characters, including enemies, are mostly from the Battletoads g (more...)
Cool World
Ocean, 1993 - Platform - Licensed
The hit movie COOL WORLD, that combined live action with animation, makes its way to video game. Jack tries to escape this alternate dimension and get back to reality. The only problem is that a beautiful cartoon chick named Holli. Based on the hit movie; (more...)
Mindscape, 1990 - Board Game - Licensed
The classic board game comes to life on NES. Everyone knows the rules of the game: place your ships on a grid while your opponent does the same; one by one, take shots at an area of the grid. If you sink all of your opponent's ships, you win! With 48 (more...)
Mermaids of Atlantis
American Video, 1991 - Puzzle - Unlicensed
Mermaids was a censored version of the unlicensed NES game Bubble Bath Babes that came out in the same year. The original Japanese version, "Soap Panic," was released in 1991 bearing the name of Hacker Int., an unlicensed company known for adult (more...)
Gametek, 1988 - Game Show - Licensed
A version for the Nintendo Entertainment System first appeared in 1987. The game supports up to three players, but does not support the NES Four Score accessory. Three modes of difficulty are available: Easy, Normal, and Hard, with the amount of time allo (more...)
Super Spy Hunter
Sunsoft, 1992 - Shooter - Licensed
Spy hunting action goes to new heights with SUPER SPY HUNTER for the NES. This time around, you'll be behind the controls of some of the most advanced pursuit vehicles in the world, including a super-charged racer, aqua blaster watercraft, and a turbo (more...)
X-Men, The Uncanny
LJN, 1989 - Action - Licensed
The object is to use several X-Men characters, each with special powers, to complete a series of missions. The powers of each character come in handy on particular missions. For instance, Cyclops' eye-beam is useful on the factory level. The game allo (more...)
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