Tetra Star: The Fighter
Nintendo Famicom
Published by: Taito, 1991 | Developed by: Taito
Genre: Shooter | Licensed
Tetra Star is a shooter game, published by Taito Corporation, which was released in Japan in 1991. No additional information is available at this time... (more...)
Ultra, 1989 - Shooter - Licensed
Gyruss is very similar to Galaga in it's basic concept. However, the game is presented in a forced 3D perspective akin to "Tempest". The player's ship faces into the center of the screen is able to move around the perimeter of an implici (more...)
Jurassic Park
Ocean, 1993 - Action - Licensed
JURASSIC PARK starts just after the T-Rex pushes the visitor's van into a pit. You play the role of Dr. Alan Grant, so you have to find Tim and Lex, take them to the visitor's center and get everybody out of the island. But this time it won't (more...)
Tradewest, 1991 - Action - Licensed
Two toads named after skin disorders (Rash and Zitz) have to save their brother (Pimple) and the Princess Angelica from the Dark Queen, ruler of Planet Ragnarok, with the assistance of Professor T. Bird and his space ship, The Vulture. Different levels of (more...)
Volleyball is an action game for one or two players. Choose a country to represent, choose a mens or womens team, then head to the court to begin! You can serve, set the ball for a teammate, spike, lob, or dive to save the game. (more...)
Adventure Island
Hudson Soft, 1989 - Platform - Licensed
Adventure Island is a side-scrolling platform game, in the same vein as Super Mario Bros.. Power-ups are found inside of eggs. Power-ups include (but are not limited to) shooting power, skateboard, superior shooting power, and invincibility. Running into (more...)
Arcadia, 1990 - Board Game - Licensed
A puzzle game loosely featuring licensing from the 7Up soft drink. The gameplay involves up to 4 players, which can be either human or computer, each taking on spots of a particular colour. Starting from opposite corners, they take it in turns to move, ei (more...)
Donkey Kong
Nintendo, 1986 - Arcade - Licensed
Donkey Kong is an early example of the platform genre. Winning the game requires patience and the ability to accurately time the acent of Jumpman (Mario). In addition to presenting the goal of saving the Lady (Pauline), the game also gives the player a sc (more...)
Mystery Quest
Taxan, 1989 - Platform - Licensed
In Mystery Quest you play as Hao, an apprentice wizard who finally has a chance to prove himself. The Great Wizard has challenged you to seek out his four hidden talismans which he has placed in four different castles. Your character has only one type of (more...)
TMNT II: The Arcade Game
Ultra, 1990 - Action - Licensed
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Arcade Game is an arcade game produced by Konami in 1989. It is a scrolling beat 'em up based on the 1987 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles animated series. It was ported to the NES and released in 1990. The player chooses (more...)
Three Stooges, The
Activision, 1989 - Arcade - Licensed
The Three Stooges come upon an old widow, her three daughters and their orphanage, which is in extreme disrepair. On top of that, an unscrupulous banker demands the mortgage payment of $5000 within thirty days. The trio immediately sets out to collect the (more...)
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