Donkey Kong Jr. Math
United States
Published by: Nintendo, 1985 | Developed by: Nintendo
Genre: Educational/Children | Licensed
The game features one player and two player modes. In the one player mode, the objective is to enter math answers in order to receive points. In the two player mode, each player applies a math operation (addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division) (more...)
Cheetamen II
Cheetahmen II is infamous for being one of the most sought-after NES rarities, despite being unplayable due to a glitch. The game was never actually released onto the market, although it did have a small production run of physical cartridges and packaging (more...)
Vice: Project Doom
American Sammy, 1991 - Action - Licensed
Vice: Project Doom is a Nintendo game with elements similar to Spy Hunter and Ninja Gaiden. It has driving, fighting, first-person shooting and cinematic sequences when passed levels. Like Ninja Gaiden, Vice: Project Doom allows infinite continues, but al (more...)
Exerion II
Retrozone, 2009 - Shooter - Prototype
In the style of Galaga and 1942, Exerion featured vertical scrolling while shooting many enemies. Parallax backgrounds and moving terrain added to the graphics. Exerion never made it to the NES. This sequel also never made it to the NES. For years it rema (more...)
Blackjack is an unofficial Nintendo Entertainment System video game and was not widely released. The game features blackjack action and a deal who deals from 1-3 card decks. After winning a certain amount of money or losing it all, the game automatically (more...)
Yo! Noid
Capcom, 1990 - Platform - Licensed
Don't you hate it when a goofy little dude with bunny ears causes your pizza to be cold and otherwise ruined before it can be delivered? Hey, who doesn't!? As made famous by the Domino's Pizza commercials in which we were all advised to " (more...)
Fantasy Zone
Tengen, 1989 - Shooter - Unlicensed
In the game, the player's ship is placed in a level with a number of bases to destroy. When all the bases are gone, the stage boss appears; when the boss is defeated, the player moves on to the next level. There are two buttons: shoot and bomb; the no (more...)
Super Pitfall
Activision, 1987 - Arcade - Licensed
Super Pitfall is a 1987 Japanese game for the Famicom and NES developed by Micronics for Pony and Activision. It was the first game ever that Activision published for a system made by Nintendo and it was based upon Activision's earlier Pitfall series (more...)
Starship Hector
Hudson Soft, 1990 - Shooter - Licensed
In the near future, the Fourth World War has destroyed most... More of the world, and all of mankind. However, at the time of its destruction, the Starship Hector was on a mission exploraing space, and it is armed with a time machine. Returning to the pas (more...)
Nobunaga's Ambition II
Koei, 1991 - Strategy - Licensed
The player's goal is to repeat the feat of Oda Nobunaga, the unification of Japan under one flag, whether by playing Oda Nobunaga or any of the other daimyos present. In each scenario, the player has to allocate resources to raise a strong army for bo (more...)
Golf Power, Greg Norman's
If you can imagine it, you can build it and play it with GREG NORMAN'S GOLF POWER. The course editor allows you create your own 18-hole course and save it to the battery backup. If you don't want to create a course, play one of the pre-made fairwa (more...)
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