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Chunkout 2
Published by: Retrozone, 2008 | Developed by: Chunkout Games
Genre: Puzzle | Homebrew
Classic tile deleting fun - can you get a Chunkout? Starting with a random layout of colored tiles, obliterate large chunks of the same color and shape to score big! By strategically removing smaller quantities of tiles you can create bigger and better (more...)
Defender II
HAL, 1988 - Shooter - Licensed
This sequel adds new enemy ships to the alien fleet such as firebombers, Yllabian Space Guppies (note that Yllabian is based on "Yllab", the word "Bally" spelled backwards, a friendly poke at Williams' then-competitor, (more...)
Super Dodge Ball
Each team is comprised of six players; three players are constrained to one half of the main dodgeball court, while the other three stand at the sidelines surrounding the opposing team. Before play begins, the player may chose the configuration of the (more...)
Monster in my Pocket
Konami, 1992 - Action - Licensed
Warlock sends out his henchmen, led by Spring Heeled Jack, Bigfoot, Kraken, Gremlin, and Medusa while Vampire and The Monster are watching TV in the Miles home. They must fight their way through the upstairs and kitchen of the home, the street and sewer, (more...)
Star Soldier
Taxan, 1989 - Shooter - Wii (US) - Licensed
Star Soldier is an overhead vertical shooter and the second title in Hudson Soft's Caravan Shooting series (after Star Force), first released for the NES in 1986, and 1988 in North America. It was followed by numerous sequels and spinoffs, including (more...)
Simpsons, The: Bart vs. the Space Mutants
Acclaim, 1991 - Action - Licensed
Bart Simpson is the only one who knows of the aliens' secret plan and he has to stop them from collecting the items they need to build their weapons to take over the world. In each level, Bart must collect a certain number of a specific item, i.e. (more...)
Snow Brothers
Capcom, 1991 - Platform - Licensed
Snowing the Enemy is a Real Ball! R-r-roll out the snowballs! Here come the madcap Snow Brothers, turning a mountain of ice foes into ice pops. But one of the Snow Brother is missing! Tom has mysteriously vanished in King Scorch's ice Palace. More (more...)
Tecmo Bowl
Tecmo, 1990 - Football - Wii (US) - Licensed
Despite being more realistic than other games of the era, like Ten Yard Fight, Tecmo Bowl still had some faults. For instance, any pass thrown to a covered receiver resulted in an interception, and it was unrealistically easy to block field goals and (more...)
Adventure Island 2
Once again, you take the role of Master Higgins; a tropical hero. This time, the evil witch doctor has nabbed Princess Leilani's sister Tina. Master Higgins is aided on his quest by his trusty skateboard and stone axes which he can throw, as usual... (more...)
Ninja Kid
Bandai, 1986 - Action - Licensed
Gameplay begins on an overhead map with several different arches. Each arch leads to a different side-scrolling mission, and the type of the mission can be determined by the shape of the arch. At the end of each mission, two doors will appear, one of (more...)
You assume the role of commander Gun-Nac. You fight a host of enemies from your space ship, in which you battle your way through 8 separate levels. The ship can be upgraded to a larger ship by acquiring a "wing" for your plane, which allows the (more...)
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