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Published by: Retrozone, 2008 | Developed by: Sivak Games
Genre: Puzzle | Homebrew
Get the first games in the Sivak line on one cart, Geminim and Siamond! In this multicart, you'll be able to experience the first two games by Sivak Games. Included are the games Geminim and Siamond. Geminim is based on the logic game of Nim. On your (more...)
Flying Dragon: The Secret Scroll
Culture Brain, 1988 - Action - Licensed
Flying Dragon was an NES game released for by Culture Brain in 1989, where the player controlled a martial artist trying to recover magical scrolls stolen by the evil Tusk Soldiers. It was afforded a nominal sequel with Flying (more...)
Little Nemo: The Dream Master
Capcom, 1990 - Platform - Licensed
In Little Nemo: The Dream Master, the player controls Nemo, as he proceeds through 2D levels. In each level, Nemo must collect a specific number of keys, which are generally scattered throughout the rather large levels. The number of keys needed to beat (more...)
Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, The
Jaleco, 1992 - Action - Licensed
In this World War I-era epic adventure, you must make your way through 19 levels of intense action to disable the Kaiser's war machine. You'll travel from the remotest deserts of Mexico to the dangers of the Western front to the core of the (more...)
Romance of the Three Kingdoms
Koei, 1989 - Strategy - Licensed
Gameplay mainly revolves around managing numerical statistics, each representing an attribute of a city or character. For example, a city will have statistics indicating the amount of food stored within its walls, its vulnerability to disasters such as (more...)
Ultra, 1990 - Action - Licensed
RollerGames was a U.S. television show that presented a theatrical version of the sport of roller derby for a national audience, and featured a number of skaters who had been in the Roller Games league (1961-1975), as well as younger participants. It was (more...)
Krazy Kreatures
American Video, 1990 - Puzzle - Unlicensed
Krazy Kreatures is an action strategy game for one or two players. Critters of all sorts will fill up the game board and you need to move them around to line up creatures of the same type before the entire board becomes filled. Depending on the type of (more...)
10-Yard Fight
Nintendo, 1985 - Football - Licensed
American Football, the intense game where muscle, brains, and passion collide... brought to lifelike realistic action, for the first time on your Nintendo Entertainment System. Well... sort of. Whether playing alone, or watching, you can't help but (more...)
Classic Concentration
Gametek, 1990 - Game Show - Licensed
One at a time, the contestants called out two numbers. If the prizes or special action didn't match, the opponent took a turn. However, if the player did match, whatever prize was printed on the card was placed on a board behind the contestant; or, (more...)
Days of Thunder
Mindscape, 1990 - Racing - Licensed
Days of Thunder is a 1990 NASCAR racing simulation video game loosely based off of the 1990 movie Days of Thunder. The game utilized elements from the movie, using a movie license from Paramount Pictures, for its graphical elements, plot and music (more...)
Rad Racer II
Square, 1990 - Racing - Licensed
The gameplay of Rad Racer II is virtually identical to that of its predecessor: the idea of the game is to race around a course, and make it to check points before the fuel (gas) runs out. Some have questioned the "rad" factor of the game, (more...)
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