Castle of Dragon
United States
Published by: SETA, 1990 | Developed by: Athena Co.
Genre: Action | Licensed
Castle of Dragon offers level after level of predictable... More enemies, dull swordplay, and bland level design. The game looks good and is well animated, but most of your time is spent walking from left to right, hacking and slashing enemies. You will o (more...)
Hunt for Red October, The
Take the role of Captain Marko Ramius as he tries to defect to the United States in the world's most advanced submarine. As if taking a Russian sub into American waters isn't tough enough, try to take on arms merchants, nuclear terrorists, and env (more...)
Abadox: The Deadly Inner War
Somewhere in the future, deep in the void of outer space, a huge monster has appeared. Piloting the last ship remaining in your fleet, your goal is to fly inside and destroy this monster from the inside out. Ingested spaceships, parasites, and the monster (more...)
Ring King
Data East, 1987 - Fighting - Licensed
Ring King also known as King of Boxer in other parts of the world is a video game released to the arcade in 1985 and later for the Nintendo Entertainment System. It allowed the player to pick from various fictional characters and duke it out with the comp (more...)
Jack Nicklaus' Major Championship Golf
Konami, 1990 - Golf - Licensed
Jack Nicklaus' Greatest 18 Holes of Major Championship Golf is a 3-D golf simulation featuring an 18 Hole course created by Jack Nicklaus himself. Each of the 18 holes are from famous courses around the world and include number 8 at Pebble Beach, numb (more...)
Nigel Mansell's World Championship Racing
Gametek, 1993 - Racing - Licensed
Get behind the controls of a Formula 1 racecar in NIGEL MANSELL'S WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP RACING. You'll have to face the challenges of rough weather, tight turns, and unyielding competition. If your car spends more time on the walls than on the track, (more...)
Freedom Force
Sunsoft, 1988 - Light Gun - Licensed
Players assume the role of an anti-terrorist gunman who must kill terrorists without shooting any of their hostages. The game has different levels, including an airport that has been taken over by the terrorists and a city street. The game does have some (more...)
Mickey's Adventure in Numberland
Pete has stolen all the numbers from Numberland 1 through 10 and it's up to Mickey to retrieve them in MICKEY'S ADVENTURE IN NUMBERLAND. Take control of Mickey as you guide him through five different worlds in search of the missing numbers The Cit (more...)
Donkey Kong 3
Nintendo, 1986 - Arcade - Licensed
Released in the arcades in 1983, Donkey Kong 3 is the third of the "Donkey Kong" arcade game series, changing the format to more of an action-shooter than a platform game. As Stanley the Bugman, players are positioned under Donkey Kong, who has (more...)
RoboCop 3
Ocean, 1992 - Action - Licensed
Everybody's favorite cyborg cop returns to the Nintendo in ROBOCOP 3. The OCP has deployed Rehab Officers to wipe out Old Detroit in preparation for the erection of Delta City. Now it's up to RoboCop to join the fight against the Rehabs and save D (more...)
Baby Boomer
Color Dreams, 1989 - Light Gun - Unlicensed
Baby Boomer is an unlincensed 1989 action game created by Color Dreams for the NES. As a baby crawls across the screen toward numerous dangers, such as birds of prey or bottomless pits, the player uses his NES Zapper to shoot hazards before they hurt the (more...)
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