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Times of Lore
United States
Published by: Toho, 1991 | Developed by: Origin Systems
Genre: Role Playing | Licensed
Years ago the High King Valwyn of Albareth exhausted himself keeping invaders out of his kingdom. After many battles, the King left on a journey to visit his homeland and get some rest. It's several years later, the King is still away, and the (more...)
Swamp Thing
T*HQ, 1992 - Action - Licensed
Save the poisoned planet! The menace of Dr. Arcane knows no boundaries he has recessed his deadly mutation serous in to the atmosphere, where it will form all living things hen to veils un-Man! Only Swamp Thing has the power forestage the environment, (more...)
Chessmaster, The
The Chessmaster is a game where the player has the chance to play against the CPU controlled Chessmaster at a standard game of chess. To play the game the player must pick up the chess pieces with there hand cursor and place it in the desired location, (more...)
Vic Tokai, 1990 - Strategy - Licensed
Conflict is an NES war game where the player is a three-star general who must accompany his troops to the ultimate victory. Like in the real army, the player can earn or lose victory points by occupying cities and destroying units of the opponent's (more...)
X-Men, The Uncanny
LJN, 1989 - Action - Licensed
The object is to use several X-Men characters, each with special powers, to complete a series of missions. The powers of each character come in handy on particular missions. For instance, Cyclops' eye-beam is useful on the factory level. The game (more...)
Short Order / Eggsplode!
Nintendo, 1989 - Power Pad - Licensed
One of a handful of games designed exclusively for use with Nintendo's Power Pad (a floor mat with 12 large, touch-sensitive buttons), Short Order/Eggsplode for the NES features two games in one Game Pak. Short Order has you working in a hamburger (more...)
Gilligan's Island
Bandai, 1990 - Adventure - Licensed
The player controls the Skipper and is followed around by Gilligan, who is controlled by the computer. The game has four episodes where the player had to wander around the island, collecting various objects, speaking with the other castaways and solving (more...)
R.C. Pro-Am
R.C. Pro-Am plays very similar to early 1980's overhead racers like Super Sprint; the game is fast, has very simplified physics, and the courses have a large number of twists and turns. The difference from those titles, is that R.C. Pro-Am's game (more...)
Wizards and Warriors II: Ironsword
The hero of the series, Kuros, must face off once again against the evil wizard Malkil, who has taken control of the four elementals of the world - wind, water, fire and earth. Each of the four elemental realms consists of two stages. In the first stage, (more...)
Princess Tomato in the Salad Kingdom
Despite a simple and rather cliche premise (a knight must rescue a captured princess and restore order to the kingdom), its plot is fairly complex by 8-bit console gaming standards. Taking the role of Sir Cucumber, a knight, the player must defeat the (more...)
Fist of the North Star
Taxan, 1989 - Action - Licensed
This is a platform "beat-'em-up" game based on the anime series Hokuto no Ken. According to the story mentioned in the manual, Kenshirou, the main character, has to save the people from the evil Emperor Heaven. The game itself, however, (more...)
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